Bills Insider Chris Brown | Practice Update – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Thomas Carson

Go Bills


Congratulations murph

Jason Jones

We can’t lose this game it should be easy rush 4 we still could get pressure and make dalton throw some tough ones and offense is going to put up 30 against them because their defense is trash


Thanks Brownie. I had a feeling in the spring that Feliciano was a serious tough guy; and I can’t even point to one thing that stands out…..just a feeling.


    Oh yeah—“Viva Los Bills, Baby!!!!” I wanna see the pregame tribute to this fine human being next week on this or DB

James Snee

In free agency the Jets signed some big name high price skills players. They looked great and put up good stats. Bills signed a bunch of big uglies to man the trenches. Guys who just win football games.
Go Bills!

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