Bills Insider Chris Brown | Practice Update – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Very curious to see Kroft in action. Knox, Sweeney and Smith has looked great so far as a trio.


Watching the leader side bar and seeing no Bills – to me that means balance when your 2-0.

    Steven J. Trump 2020

    Correction… We won six games in a row! Only two count!


    bills d is up there for yards allowed

Marshall Plexi

,BRANDON BEANEand his staff are looking really smart these days!

Paul C Bentley

Stay healthy and Go Bills!!

B Thompson

Rest Devin long season gonna need the young buck down the stretch. GO BILLS !!!!!!!!!!!! Tatanka

Joe Schmoe

Big Shout out to Murph,Brownie,and,Tasker,for all the hard work they do,to bring us the goods! It would be a looooong week with out them. Let’s Go Boys! 3-0

Big Dick

They act they can’t play a game without Singletary???
Get a grip


    Something tells me you didn’t watch the last few games

    Big Dick

    @Gonzo Something tells me football isn’t your thing.
    Boo hoo


If Foster doesn’t produce over the next few weeks, do you think Williams will be called upon?


    Gonzo I’ve got a feeling Robt Foster will have a breakout game soon+he’s an obvious asset in the kicking game. My gut tells me we’ll see Duke if we begin to have red zone failures. DB

Joe Petri

So glad the bills are putting these clips on YouTube. Would be great if they were live streamed.

C.L. Cowart

We have the squad to at least get in as a wildcard. Allen looks competent, defense is just about elite at this point. Health is the only thing I think can derail us. Go Bills

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