Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott: “All of us are in this together” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott: “All of us are in this together”

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott met with the media over Zoom as the Bills head into training camp and the 2020 NFL season. Topics included: Responsibilities of the players, coaches, and staff to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. Structuring practices in order to create competition with no preseason games. And the personal responsibility he and the team have when making decisions on and off the field this year.

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Da’mani The Goat

3rd like

Zao Medong

Can we just knock off the pandemic cliches already like “we’re all in this together” and “these difficult times” etc
We get it already

Keith Cousins

As long as Stefon and Josh always hang in a Buffalo Stance.
They do the dive every time they dance…

Joe Schmoe

Good to hear Coach’s voice again. Love Coach McDermott! Best HC we’ve had in a long time! Let’s go!

Gabe Zilla For Kobe 8-24

That’s our Coach!

Michael Caywood

First dislike of The Buffalo Bills video. YES! YES! YES!

    716 Fanatics

    You comment the same thing in every post. It’s not even slightly funny. Do I think u are making people laugh? Cause ur not lol.

    Gabe Zilla For Kobe 8-24

    716 Fanatics nah let him be a nut job for the rest of his life. The day he’s 💀 nobody will care about it and it’ll be the happiest day of every bills fan that watches their videos. If you wanna make him more upset then leave a dislike his weird video. He only has 55 likes and 57 dislikes on it

The Way

Covid is the biggest psychological operation in global history.

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