Bills D Knocks Jets Around w/ 4 Sacks | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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WV Made

And i actually thought the jets would be good this year😂

    Staff Sargeant of Marines

    Not sure Sam Darnold is our QB. 🔥 GASE, here we go 4-12 (top 5 pick once again) J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS


    I think it’s funny people assume a running back is going to change a team


    I dont know why jets fans are hanging their hats….. The Bills Defense is FIRE. I still think the jets will be in contention for a playoff spot this year

    Blablabla Blabittybla

    WV Made, I think the Jets ARE good, but that D.

Anthony Jordan

Go Bills!!


Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.


Yo Bell, you aren’t in Pittsburgh anymore… and it shows!


    @Ashani Francis you living under a rock?

    Gage Cornelius

    @Ashani Francis they lost

    thedominatior39 R

    He’s still going to be good but that O-Line is a question mark for sure

    Brandon Ohara

    @Ashani Francis you and whoever liked your comment (which it was probably yourself that liked your comment) are either deaf and blind or just seeking attention. Jets lost bro……


Those DC10s are still crashing


nasty bro, what these boys eat for breakfast?

    Brandon Ohara

    They ate Jets for breakfast!

    Dustin J

    Jet fuel

    Ty Lindamood

    Mac and cheese

    Bruce Terhune

    Don’t know but they feasted on Jets for lunch.

Crucified XBlaze



Shaq Lawson really wants it this year!! Beastmode!!

Rainbow Avenue

Bills Won Ohhhhh Babyyyyyyy Babyyyyyyy

Mike Miller

Bills have more female fans than any team in the league cause of the best d


Listen to how loud the Bills fans are in MetLife lol

    Thereal 1

    Right 😂

    Blablabla Blabittybla

    A a A a!


#97 of the Bills defense has my last name! Lol that’s good times. Go Bills baby!

The Way

Hot take: Bills defense will be the #1 defense this season…


the front 4 of the bills defense got a sack with 6 of their offensive players trying to give him time to throw. Meanwhile receivers covered well. This D is best I’ve seen against this Jets o’line but we’ll see against N.E.

    Julian Rodriguez

    This Buffalo defense is no joke !! Possibly the best defense in the league this year alongside Chicago & Minnesota



    Dustin J

    Lost with a +4 turnover margin lol

Julian Rodriguez

Gonna be a long afternoon for my Giants next Sunday. 😥


after next week it’s official we are the best team in the Empire State. NYG might get shutout!

    Brian Lin

    almadeunrebel We technically are already the best team in the state. The jets and giants stadium aren’t in New York.

    Israel Lopez Jr

    Brian Lin Im a Bills fan born and raised in Buffalo, i now live in Newark NJ 25 mins from met life stadium, the stadium stares directly at the face of Manhattan you could count every single skyscraper from the stadium, regardless if the team is playing in nj they are still NY, i work in nyc and the fan base is huge not everybody in jersey is a Giants or Jets fan

    Bruce Terhune

    I agree, but we actually are the ONLY NFL team that plays in NYS.

    Israel Lopez Jr

    Bruce Terhune i agree man, but living in jersey with people who rock NY gear and believe its a jersey team just bugs me out lol

Michael Bell Jr

starting D-Line should be:

Shaq Lawson
Jordan Phillips
Ed Oliver
Jerry Hughes

just my opinion…


    Michael Bell Jr doesn’t matter because they switch them around so much. Too much depth

    Michael Bell Jr

    RuffBuff716 the most productive players should start.

Jackson Wheeler

Y’all really aren’t gonna play the Milano hit?

Blablabla Blabittybla

I haven’t been this impressed with the Bills D since nineteen hundred and ninety four!

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