Bill Cowher interviews Troy Polamalu about the Draft, his rookie year, being an all-time great – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Cowher interviews Troy Polamalu about the Draft, his rookie year, being an all-time great

Bill Cowher speaks with Troy Polamalu about their relationship on and off the field, their time in Pittsburgh, their election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and more.

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Mark Nethercutt

Two classy guys. Steeler Nation love you guys. Let’s not forget about Donnie Shell.

Mark Nethercutt

I remember watching the game or Troy said I’ll run it in.

Marty Breeden



Two of my three favorite Steelers of all time (Jerome). Nice seeing Troy have some fun on camera. Seems like he had so much more to give personality wise.

    William Archie

    Yeah I agree he had at least 3 more season’s in him but nice to see he’s on good term with how it played out. STEELER NATION 365 4 Life


    He’s humble but he likes/liked to have fun and joke around. Remember the head and shoulders commercials. He was kinda poking fun at himself doing those.

    Allen Bennett

    Can’t ever remember him talking this much

AlmightyRey G

Dam man miss Troy congrats brother πŸ’ͺ

Shawn Friend

Cue the hate from the fake pats fan intellectual one in 3 2 1


Congratulations to Bill Cowher and Hairum Scarum, who was was always an exemplary genteel and unassuming human being off the field. Throughout his playing career, Troy Polamalu was a valued ambassador for the NFL.

Jeff Smart

Steelers Nation LOVES you guys more than you’ll ever know! Congratulations to you both. So deserving of this honor. And Troy, I know there will NEVER be another like you!

    Not Me But You


    Sapper Fidelis

    I agree, but I’m really hoping Minkah is close to what 43 was, and I’ve got a good feeling about it.

    Shon Seibert

    Fitzpatrick is hopefully gonna fill his shoes but only time will tell, that’s a mountain to climb

Riahs Crew

Love the honest realness of Troy and coach in this clip!

    Mr Ed

    They both useless

    Riahs Crew

    Aww do you need a πŸ€—

    Shawn Friend

    @Riahs Crew yup he clearly needs one


And Steeler Nation loves you back.

Phillip Barlow

Two great gentlemen! Congrats to Bill and Troy!!

Richard Cisneros

Palamalu, deservedly so to be among the GREATEST players to have stepped in the field and showed all how to play the game πŸ†πŸ†

    Se Ufa


My Life Is Pathetic

*Two legends. Troy was a titan on the field for us, and a very humble guy. Bill was a master play caller and fought for his players. It’s awesome to see these guys both go into the HOF together. Steelers Nation is proud!*

    willl 88

    lucky city to have a team like this…so many great players and coaches…not a steelers fan but i loved watching troy play

TTV_zion penn


Mel1 DaFilthyArtist

You gotta love Troy. Steelers Nation

Row Mane

The best attribute that Troy has is his humility, as great as he is he is so down to earth.


Talk about a guy who transcended the position. Forever immortalized, Troy Palomalu.

C Su

Couldn’t wait for Sunday! Troy was so unpredictable! Bill meant business, shell gave it all. Thanks gentlemen!

Paloma Paloma

Troy was a savage on the football field + prayed doing each play, humble off the field with a contagious smile and a laugh of a person with the sweetest heart also has the best hair I ever seen on a man.

David Ray

I miss Troy! We didn’t get to watch him long enough. There will never be another one like him! It was like a work of art every Sunday, you never knew what he was going to do or pull off. I’ve never been so amazed by a player before and probably never will be again. Truly a special player and a special guy.

    Jose Flores

    Well put !
    Go Steelers !

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