Bill Belichick: “We’re working on Miami” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots 70
Miami 2

    Jon Men

    Game be closer than you think pats 30 fins 17

    Chris Silva

    Haaha😆😆😆 sounds about right!! 👍👍 LFG Patriots!

    James Rustles

    @quinnisquinn intentional safety bill likes them


    There is a hex in Miami, but Miami is a mess and the Pat’s already look like a well oiled machine. 43 13 pats


    Evan Kloc it’s a safety dude

Tyron Pouncey

Were on to Miami

The Bucko Himself

Miami is the new Cincinnati


    The Bucko Himself onto Cincinnati

    Mike Brown


Dante Sephora

After Cincinnati comes Miami.
Bill is pure gold.

    Arav Bhatt

    go bengals


    Go begals

Charly Gr. v.L.

Bill, thank you very much, that at the beginning we got a short summary for Sunday.
And it was highly professional to put an end to the haunting.
(unfortunately, it was a short pc)

    Christina O'Reilly

    Dankeschön auch an dich liebe charly sehr höflich von dir beschrieben

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.

    Danke Liebes.

    An alle anderen zu Hause :
    Zum Thema AB keine weiteren Kommentare. Wir sind hier nur Gast, diesen Sachverhalt BITTE nicht ignorieren. DANKE.

Paul McCartknee

These reporters don’t learn, do they?

    The FBI

    @Mark Symbala so literally none of the super bowls count?


    Who asked that question?

    Joseph Lauren

    Just as dumb and biased as political reporters.

    Mark Symbala

    @The FBI no they don’t recently I received a package.I said will you take an IOU?no you cant give an IOU to ups for a cod.they’ll call the fbi

    Mark Symbala

    @Sly proven cheaters sly

New England IV

“Speak softly and carry a big stick”

    Steve G

    Walking Tall

    David Curtis

    Or 6 of them


    Absolute boss!

    VeganVRking- dGameaCat

    @David Curtis 12*

p 28

Sunday night totally convinced me this is the best coach in nfl history.
He has his team prepared and gets them to execute like no other

    Brendan McCallion

    It’s scary, but you cant help but admire it

    Alexander Hayward

    How was it that sunday night convinced you and not his ridiculous achievements preceeding that?

    p 28

    @Alexander Hayward because it’s another season and precisely BECAUSE of his achievements before that!
    He continues to do it with new players. On Sunday without one of his 2 best defensive players.
    I accept he was probably the best ever before Sunday. I wouldn’t argue.
    But the way he again had his team so well prepared after winning ANOTHER superbowl showed beyond any doubt. ANY DOUBT, he is the greatest coach in history!

Borka Rising

“Sports Reports” sounds like TMZ.

    Jus Josh

    Borka Rising

    Deadass smh , like drop that topic.

Ray Hodari

i understand why he hates the media, he clearly said he’s not gonna say more about AB and they kept asking him questions about him; i’d flip at them.

    Tyler Watson

    @PapaGeorg10 That’s no excuse for that particular media guy to go on and say “do you expect to think we are done from it, do you want fans to know more?” What more is there to know anyway that hasn’t been discussed we all know Brown has serious allegations against him and if they are true he won’t play if they is evidence that it is false he will be ready to play. The media always attempts to get in players and coaches faces. I’m sure Bill knows additional information however it doesn’t need to be discussed in the public eye who already knows enough as of right now. Certain personal information has to stay within the team plain and simple

    Tyler Watson

    @PapaGeorg10 *there is

    Chupatwo Chupatwo

    @Tyler Watson yeah every single one of them was acting like a total prick because they wanted their AB scoop. their job is to cover the football league, not the end of the players peckers. totally busch league garbage, its what we’ve come to expect from American media today.


    @PapaGeorg10 he did deal with it. hes working on miami

    Cody Griffin

    @Mark LOL exactly. The sheep seem to believe you have to answer any question you’re asked. Think for yourself already. It’s getting pathetic.

Joe Vignolo

Bill should teach a course to the military on how POW’s should avoid answering any questions.

    Andrew D

    Bit different when one is a prisoner getting tortured and the other can walk away at any time with no repercussions. But yeah, its a good choice Billy B to give them as little info as possible.

Joseph Mellen

These idiots call themselves journalists. They are dumber than dumb. Bill handles them as they need to be handled. I don’t know how he refrains from lacing them up one side and down another. I love Coach Belichick.

Jim Rondeau

The media is ridiculous.. great job Bill! Love it

June Amarillo

He’s been to the last three SB’s, won two of them, and he’s still the hungriest coach in the NFL. And it’s not that fake hunger most coaches put on either. You can see in Belichick’s eyes that he’s not here to just participate, he’s here to win.


    Competition Spurs growth. He’s going to be hungry until people finally decide that he is better than Brady. Gonna be a long time before that happens lol


    Ban that’s only because bills career will only go as far as Brady does.. once Brady’s 20 years of knowledge is gone bill won’t be able to run the same way with a 3rd year kid😂

- Blythe

Miami has always been an achiles for the Pats.
Patricia with the Lions beat the Pats, Vrabel with the Titans beat the Pats; so Flores and Miami may be a challenge despite their blowout opener.
P.S. Fcuk these reporters, they don’t speak for what the fans want.

    Daniel Murphy

    @Thor Sluter youre an absolute idiot if you think the dolphins have even a shred of a chance

    - Blythe

    Daniel Murphy
    Not saying they will won; nothing I wrote said that. I was just saying that since Miami already challenges the Pats, that adding Flores to the mix may make it more of a challenge. Not necessarily a 59-10 blow out.

    - Blythe

    Thor Sluter
    The Pats for some reason just don’t dominate Miami as much as we’d like or one would expect.
    Of course I want them to annihilate them!
    I was just saying with their track record and adding Flores; it may be a bigger battle than what they showed vs the Ravens.
    I hope Sunday changes the “trend”.


    The dolphins are rebuilding, not trying to win.

    - Blythe

    That’s true!

Richard Latu

Bill: I just answered that question
Reporter: Actually you didn’t
Bill: Actually I did
😂😂😂 Bill is as real as it gets


    That kid got the death stare. His children’s children are cursed.

    VeganVRking- dGameaCat

    That guy is the true GOAL……Greatest Of All Lifetimes

Al Haymon

Bill had that reporter on strings lol


    Like Sinatra said


    Puppet Master

Clifton Brown

Bill Belichick Aka Master Yoda Props To U Man! Patriots Are The Modern Day Death Row Records!

Kris Uy

I’m not always a savage, but when I am, I feel like Bill Belichick

Daniel Czako

“Actually I did.” Lol… love him

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