Bill Belichick: “We will make some decisions at the end of the week.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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mikey santiago Reply

Let’s Goooo!!!πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

Savage West Reply

I’m ready for a new super bowl hat 2020

Chris Shook Reply

Can’t wait until opening night.

Joshua Vaughn Reply

Ole tight lips on the mic. Let’s go!!!!! Pat nation stand up!!!!!!

dacosta0656 Reply

Keep Gunner Ski


Feels like we’re playing Kansas City.

Reinhard Pfeiffer Reply

I wish Bill wouldn’t talk so much. He goes on and on…:)

Chris Collier Reply

1 Day by Day
2 Day by Day
3 Making Progress … (Day by Day)
4. Depends on what happens today (by day)
5 . What the situation is …(you got it)… today
6 Happens everyday (by day)
7. Competition everyday (by day)
8. Do the best we can each … (jesus)…day
Okay. That’s it. Have a nice (guess…)

    snipe69 Reply

    Forgot “Doin’ good….”

    The Piano ! Reply

    Chris Collier eat my prick

    Chris Collier Reply

    @snipe69 Today?
    Missed it. But that sounds about right.

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

The D looks really good compared to last year at this time. The front and the LBs specifically.

    Tonja Leclerc Reply

    Every position looks amazing to me. I think most people expected them to have a great secondary but so far everyone seems to be clicking and this could be a spectacular defense.

Kirk Moore Reply

Bill will make some important decisions. Like if he should use the zoom lense or the wide angle lense. Both are vital for judging different player positions..

Michael Connors Reply

I’d like to see the NY Giants take the beating they deserve as much as anyone, but there is a more important beating in the offing: the beating I expect Your World Champion New England Patriots to give the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one. YWCNEP have unfinished business with the Steelers. Last year YWCNEP committed 14 penalties and lost to the Steelers in a 17-10 game. Patriots revenge.

Thomas Yohannes Reply

I really like how the Pats are shaping up…Looks like we’ll be even better statistically than last season!!!

Joe Maxfield Reply

Bill is in good pre-season lip-smacking form. Go Pats!!

    BETILLO619 Reply

    Joe Maxfield πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Sam Black Reply

Tom Brady: I’m retiring πŸ‘‘
Pats Fans: 😒
The League:πŸ˜—(for real?)

Shaun Lowe Reply

I think he repeats the exact same thing just inserts different names

PatsFan89 Reply

The Myth… The Legend… The G.O.A.T… Tom Brady!!! Whoops, I mean Bill Belichick πŸ’ͺ. Pumped for the season, as always! Defense on paper looks GREAT and has played very well this preseason, Offense on paper is starting to come together, need guys to get up to speed and get healthy and we’ll be fine! Go Pats! Let’s Goooooooo!

vipahman Reply

He was smiling at the start and then grumpy Belichick started talking.

Joseph Lauren Reply

Spanking the fake news media. I bet the remembers all the articles about his “terrible” relationship with Brady and Kraft.

Tonja Leclerc Reply

I wonder how many of these reporters just write the story before they even interview Bill. They know he’s just going to say “we will do what’s best for the team” after pretty much every question.

Nick ______ Reply

You see the chiefs season games… its suspiciously soft. I dont think the league wants the Pats anymore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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