Bill Belichick: ‘We played 60 minutes and finished the game.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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The defense was good there was some offensive plays we can work on there’s a lot of room for improvement especially in special teams with kicking but good game don’t get your hopes up to high we are not a perfect team

    demarco washington

    Yeah they are terrible..i agree

    Animesh Gandhi

    @demarco washington The dude’s right, the ’07 season has taught us a good lesson not to underestimate our opponents, but keep on perfecting our skills and plays and routes

    demarco washington

    @Animesh Gandhi exactly

    Max Kellerman

    The is no perfect team but the Pats are the closest thing to one

Jared Coury

“If you don’t let them score you can’t lose” Wise words here lmao

    Stairway 2 Seven


Mike Youngblood

You couldn’t tell his team obliterated the opponent

    beji sarada

    Mike Youngblood you should do cause their offensive gave many chances to their opponent.

    daddy walker

    Lol he talking like they barely won haha he’s right it’s only the second game but y’all demolished them give us some happiness lol that’s coach belli for u lol




    Still 14 games left in the season. Nothing to “celebrate” over.

bargain bob

If I didn’t watch the highlights, I would have guessed they lost.

    Stairway 2 Seven


Aaron John

Omg, the man is a football cliche machine, could not for a moment tell his team just crushed their opponent.

Reinhard Pfeiffer

I think Bill would rather go to the dentist than do this after a game.


    He would rather go to a prostate exam than talk to the media

    SupahFans Streetwear

    he loves the gamesmanship of putting Journalists in their place.

Charly Gr. v.L.

There is really nothing more to say….. 👏 👏
All of you ” did your job” 👍👍
(have a good recovery time)
And every day there are possibilities of improvement, as in normal life.

    Christina O'Reilly

    Ich gebe dir recht charly, man kann zu dieser Leistung nicht weiteres sagen. Bill hat ein tolles Team zusammengestellt.

Sam Black

Pats: wins 43-0
Belichick: there’s alot room for improvement

    Lashunda Smith

    Sam Black exactly😌

    Devin Reilly

    and other coaches wonder why they don’t win the same way

    Hit Kid

    room for improvement is Gostkowski. Also the offense could be improved since they looked better against the Steelers. Though that might just be because the weather in Miami or they were trying new things to get AB acclimated with the team.


    Defense did play good they did give up a few plays that would’ve been big had the receivers not dropped them, bill sees everything. He’s right. Much more to work on if we wanna go win #7. For the offense a little more to work on as well, and for gostkowski cya bro dudes washed up

    Brandon Williams

    He’s not wrong though…it was the dolphins, probably the worst team in the league.

Dave C.

This defense has me 💦. Gilmore’s deflection was a beauty.


You gotta love it when a reporter follows up one stupid question with another stupid question.


    Ben Volin is great at that


Bills lip smack is just as funny as Andy Reid’s throat clear lmao


Patriots win 75-0… Bellichick: “there’s definitely room for improvement”

    Mark Rodgers

    It definitely wasn’t perfect…

    Ricbie DOrtenzio

    Mark Rodgers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ricbie DOrtenzio

    81oakridg 🤣🤣🤣

Arav Bhatt

Thanks for the 37 fantasy points Defense


Patriots: 43-0 shutout Bill Bellichick: yeah they obviously came ready to play and they gave us some problems.

    Big Fudge

    __ only putting up 43 against that weak a team is 100% shameful

    h s.A


Kris B

Even an Ant has more emotion than bill bellichick

Master Dew

wins by 43, “we gotta lot of work to do”

Chris Krysa

Respect Bill for going all gas the whole game, he don’t give a fuq if the other team doesn’t wanna play

h s.A

Bill still in game mindset here. Went 43-0 against these reporters 🤣

    Rusty Gunn 7

    Best one yet.

br 1251

Belichik would rather get a root canal than answer stupid media questions.

John Yoo

Patriots win the superbowl. Bill’s response: “there is still alot of work to do. We’re onto training camp.”

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