Bill Belichick: “We have to be ready for all three [Washington quarterbacks]” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick: “We have to be ready for all three [Washington quarterbacks]”

addressed the media before the Patriots game against Washington and discussed the signing of , the challenges of dealing with roster changes during the season, the effectiveness of the defense & more.

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TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

not washington rb’s


    we’re taking away their running game. They’ll have to pass to move down the field on us



    Lou V



    God we can only hope. That would be the only thing in the world that would make the pain of ’07 go away. I still feel a jolting pain every time i think or hear about that seasonm

    Lou V

    @SquidTeamSIX I feel you on that one!

Ευστράτιος ///

Coach b always cold n calculated lol were just looking at now ..december is december lol


    A fellow Greek pats fan 🙏🏻

Vices & Madonna

you will crush them

Darcel Joseph

The palpatine of the NFL, never sleep on that man.



Austin Ahern

Let’s go Patriots!!!

Art Frank

Please up the audio

Mista Vidz

Now Bill, is it true that you “commited a foul” to a defenseless Edelmen in his rookie season?


Bill seems very happy that he doesnt have to anwser only AB questions

    Teresa Bonner

    True ‘dat!

Joshua Lewis

34-6 patriots or 14-13 redskins

Bendix Kunert

Announce Diggs


    God i wish we could get him lmao

Steven H.

43 -3 Patriots!

Steven H.

The man should play poker. He is able to compliment the Redskins while keeping a straight face. Well done Bill!

Franz Haas



You know it’s gonna be a good press conference when Bill sighs before anyone even asks him a question. 😂

rich ernest

Three quarterbacks?Skins are sneaky sexy while imploding.Jay has a lot more to think about like…do your job,its more than holding a clipboard.Get them coach!

Kalvin Celcius

I can’t tell if he is at a funeral or is 4-0


Diggs wants out of Minnesota cmon bill make it happen we need him lmao

Sam Ach

Bill wishes every question was about some aspect of football history.

Don Bonnell

Coach Belichick is great when he gets to talk about Football

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