Bill Belichick: “The Jets have a disruptive defense” | Belestrator – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Enzo Gorlami Reply

Ask him about AB so he walks out

    Joseph Lauren Reply

    “I’ll only answer questions about players on our roster”

    Heymynamestreyandihavea Basketballgametomorrow Reply

    Joseph Lauren actually he just answers. We have to do better on defense offense and special teams lol

88Turbo88 Reply

Jets have good defense, afc east ain’t no cake walk. LFG Pats

    Ironfangzu Reply

    AFC east IS EXACTLY a cakewalk this year. Miami is a dumpster fire. Jets are starting an undrafted walk-on at QB. In the NFL it’s all about QB play, and if you don’t have a good QB, you got nothing. They DO have a good defense, but losing 27-3 is not that much better than losing 37-3. The Bills are intriguing but undisciplined, as shown by their 4 turnovers to the Jets that first week. The Patriots will win the AFC East even more easily than they usually do this year. Seriously, when was the last time that they were challenged for the division? When was it even close?

    88Turbo88 Reply

    @Ironfangzu think like Bill, treat every opponents as if they were Kansas City Chiefs, beat them up no matter who

    Daddy Reply

    @Ironfangzu I agree with you that it’s easy but the pats’ win rate is as high outside of their division as within. No matter their division, the pats would be dominating.

savge noob Reply

Whip up on that 0 and 2 team

Steph Curry Reply

So y’all just let Ab walk and caved to the media

    LeominsterFC Reply

    roxxylala26 AB can’t even form complete sentences in his texts, never mind formulate an actual argument. You believe her based on what exactly? She had zero evidence. Zero. She didn’t report it to police, she didn’t tell anyone that it happened, she waited until he was already accused of sexual misconduct to throw in her sob story and yet she doesn’t want to file charges, civilly nor criminally. She’s trying to dump gasoline on the fire and run away. You’re correct, you have a right to be ignorant, even downright stupid, I just wish you and people like you wouldn’t so openly share your verbal diarrhea with the world, especially on platforms where other idiots could potentially read your words and incorrectly formulate a similar “opinion”.

    Heem Heemstein Reply

    @LeominsterFC guy could simply not stop attention whoring on the internet and being a jackass. cost him like 50 mil and maybe his freedom. somehow not surprised for some reason.

    roxxylala26 Reply

    @LeominsterFC Omg, still talking sh*t? Lol The burner account was a joke slow mo.

    roxxylala26 Reply

    @LeominsterFC Btw jackass..calling me ignorant but you weren’t there either. But rattling sh*t, you read in the news as well.

apemantus67 Reply

Belichick has to take the Jets seriously, but we don’t.

    Jose Castillo Reply

    That’s actually true

    HaasBoy15 ! Reply

    Jets defense very underated, they have some great players..hopefully Belichick is ready.

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    @HaasBoy15 ! Pats offense did better with out AB. Pats work better spreading the ball to the entire offense. I expect a faster start and it’ll be over by halftime. Jets just have too many injuries.

    Arav Bhatt Reply

    arrogance at it’s finest

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    @Arav Bhatt And that bothers you

Gabriel Frias Reply

Like these vids with the the coach

Gloria Beze Reply

The whole AB controversy was/is, disrupted to the Pats. The Pats had to make their decision and, unfortunately, AB did it to himself with the proven text messages. AB should not have reacted but, he did….so, what were the Pats to do?

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    I’m glad he’s off. Get Jakobi Meyers back on the field. He’s the future of the team anyways

Nick ______ Reply

So coach here’s the jets on 2nd and 3… so what about AB? 😂. Fkn teams getting AB is like playing hot potato

    Ironfangzu Reply

    AB is too stupid to fit in with any team. Too self centered, too arrogant, and just too dumb to realize the consequences of his actions. So he goes from possibly the top wideout in the league making $30-$50 million the next couple of years to possibly out of the NFL for the rest of his life. All this because he just COULDN’T stay off social media and mouth off.

    Nick ______ Reply

    @Ironfangzu na hes got talentx as soon as he gets through the off the field stuff more than a couple teams will grab him at a discount value.. I mean look what Vick was doing to dogs and now hes an announcer lol. Peoes memories are short and their desire to win lasts. Someone will get a really good deal on him

Joel J Reply

That 90s video game background music.

Thomas Kelly Reply

Unfortunately the AB signing did not work…..he is not the only player ever brought in that didnt work out…..its over time to move on with arguably the NFL’s best team.

Psychotropni Lachtan Reply

The only team being disrupted by that defense are Jets 😀
What a comedian.

mateo arriaza Reply

Does anybody know what the song is at the end of the video?

rich ernest Reply

Jets D swings off vibes of Jamal!Half the team will show up.Still a Pats blowout.Coach inspires when he talks playbook.Twice a week instead of press conference.Want to run through a wall for B.B.

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    I don’t watch his pressers as much anymore. Can’t stand the media members that cover this team. The belistrator is pure gold though. Maybe Scott should sit in for the pressers and just ask Belichick all the questions. Media can just take notes.

Josh Lei Reply

I wish the pats kept damarius

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    He’s injured again. This time it’s a knee and hamstring.

    Donovan Brady Reply


Heavensgirl74 Reply

I believe Brady can read their exotic ” try to confuse you” defense presnap and give you something else post snap.Besides most of the time the ball is coming out so fast before they can get there. I am just a little worried about O line, keep our qb protected!!

    Ironfangzu Reply

    I pray that the All Powerful Scar can turn out collection of newly acquired journeymen into an iron curtain of protection for Brady. If anyone can, Scar can.

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    I’m guessing they are going to get the run game going early. If they are successful on the ground that will make pass protection easier. Probably going to go with 2 back sets or tight end lined as a 6th linemen next to Newhouse. If he’s shows any signs of struggling. Scar did talk about working with him and making ends run the loop. Not getting inside leverage so easily.

Ironfangzu Reply

Belichick is so skillful in making every team the Patriots play sound like Superbowl contenders. “THIS guy is quick and instinctive..THIS guy disrupts everything you try to run…” But when the game is played, it’s 35-6 Patriots. He is able to make his players take every opponent seriously, get them fully prepared, and then assert their superior preparation to dominate. And, oh, yeah, he still has that Tom Brady guy. The Jets are not getting 4 turnovers against the Patriots.

Austin Ahern Reply

Let’s go Patriots!!!

    Arav Bhatt Reply

    go bengals

Arav Bhatt Reply

Go bengals

Tyrell Brown Reply

Just put up 35+ points so I can win my money

Chris P. Bacon Reply

“The Jets are a good football team, they do a lot of things well.” Lol. This game will end 54-0

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