Bill Belichick: The Dolphins will be a “challenge” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Best coaching staff, best QB, and best team in the history of the NFL.

    Arav Bhatt Reply

    @Psycho Logical go bengals

    DJ JDB Reply

    @Running Bearski: Yet there will always be the winning debate of: Even years after SpyJoke and DeflateJoke, the Patriots kept on winning. Therefore, the Patriots didn’t need tape or deflated footballs to beat teams.
    SpyJoke happened in 2007, and DeflateJoke in 2014. Since then the Patriots have won 3 SB’s. Get where I am coming from? lol.

    DJ JDB Reply

    @John Schlutz: And the other 31 teams? LOL. Listen dweebie, the same can be said for the 70’s NFL players also. They wouldn’t have lasted 1 game in the 50’s or 40’s. Especially without their steroids and cocaine. Just the facts ma’am.

    OGGOAT_ _ Reply

    Good times in Massachusetts

    John Schlutz Reply

    @DJ JDB using your helmet gets you a flag…the era of Patriot flag football is among us. Free agency started in 1993..Just when the Patriots became improved. Both Bellichek and Prady came to a winning team Bellichek was a loser in Cleveland. Brady would be a no name is drafted by Clevelnd. But of course when talking to Patriot fans they have no concept of reality just a love affair of a manufactured champion.

Lisa G Reply

Be safe and have ball🏈. Thank you Patriots

    Lisa G Reply


USER 2013 Reply

“Not that there were any exorbitant number of examples.” 😂😂😂 he’s hilarious and brilliant

    No Mas Media Reply

    Lol 😂😂😂

    stylin60es Reply

    This comment needs to be pinned.😅😅✊

lincolnlobster Reply

About as challenging as a team of 5 year olds.

    Ban Reply

    Explains why the 6 Superbowl qb-coach duo still loses

    salamipitza Reply

    @Ban wait and see what happens in the 1st divisional game as 6x champ

    Daniel Neely Reply

    Miami hasn’t a chance in Hell!

    kosi nba Reply

    Lincolnlobster its a fun and games until those ” 5 year olds” either get 5 interceptions on brady, or pull another miami miracle

    B D Reply


L. Ron Gardner Reply

“The Dolphins will be a challenge for us [to cover the 19-point spread].”

    John Appleseed Reply

    L. Ron Gardner don’t forget ab Miami miracle last year we gotta take this seriously

    Cory Fachini Reply

    Division road games are tough no matter who you are. I can remember a 13-2 pats team losing to a 2-13 dolphins team. There’s no gimme’s

    Patsfan 4life Reply

    Cory Fachini yeah that was in Miami no doubt

Tyron Pouncey Reply

Will do what’s best for the team

    O boe Reply

    Not like im handing out copies of the gameplan here. 💀

themza912 Reply

FINALLY reporters get past the AB bs and ask questions that actually gets Bill talking. AMEN

    ebenezer1690 Reply

    When done with as much integrated as dogged tenacity. journalism is arguably one of the most important jobs in existence.

Bumble Bee Reply

wow, that was way more civil than I had expected. He was pretty chill. Even got a smile out of him at the end. 🙂

Skrilla Man Reply

I love Bill and how he handles questions. He is ten steps ahead …always!

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Good luck – we all from overseas are with you – Let’s go 👍👍

    Bee bee Reply

    War es nicht ein versöhnlicher Abschluss in dieser PK, Charly? Tja, und Bill hat exorbitant genial auf die Fragen zu AB reagiert. Hast Du auch gehört, dass Megan wieder dabei war und 1 Frage stellte? Freue mich schon auf ihre Reports.

    Psycho Logical Reply

    Du du hast du hast miche

    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Bee bee er hat mehr als genial auf die Fragen regiert!! So ein Blödsinn, ständig von Neuem zu beginnen, es ist wie eine nicht endende go-to-next-schleife.

Ekan Akpan Reply

Idiots there’s more then one player on the team

Joseph Mellen Reply

A master at handling these idiots. All coaches need to learn from him.

Steve Bartlett Reply

Yes please don’t tell them the game plan, that would be counterproductive.

Every Villain Is Lemons Reply

This misleading statement is an old Sith Lord mind trick
Beware Miami, Emperor Palpa-chick is coming

darrick steele Reply

Make Coach feel like he’s teaching you about football and show your genuine interest in the game, he might start to open up.
Seems like the kind of man that has very little interest in a conversation that is not entirely authentic..

Mario Quinones Reply

Plot twist: The Dolphins will not actually be a challenge

    John Evans Reply

    We saw what the Ravens did to them. Brady & Co., testing out AB… dear God.

    washburn11000 Reply

    @John Evans lol right??

Vinay Naik Reply

Notice how Bill gives lengthy and advanced responses in a friendly attitude when he is given a legitimate question that could have a multitude of responses. When asked stupid questions is when he sounds grumpy. Reporters just get on his nerves and rightfully so.

Broseph H Reply

The Patriots are the class of the NFL because they never underestimate their opponent. They never play down to competition and become complacent because they’re better on paper. This is why they are always prepared and can beat any team, anywhere. They respect that they are still playing professionals, even if they are 4-12. They give their opponent’s players the respect they deserve and are never caught off guard by anything.

Brett Hobbs Reply

That’s what I like about Belichick. He takes every game seriously and I think it’s why his teams are so successful.

JaySw34 Reply

See? You ask Bill relevant football questions, he gives thorough thoughtful football answers… he’s just not gonna hand out copies of the gameplan lol

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