Bill Belichick: The Buffalo Bills are “pretty solid across the board” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Market Global MG4

Every time I see this coach ,I want to watch: A Christmas story 😂 😂

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    27- 10 patriots

    Joe Me

    Every time the PATS win a SB an Angel gets its wings. Lol

    Market Global MG4

    Joe Me joes apartment

    Trev Mac

    so when they win the Super Bowl they all go out to have Chinese Goose to celebrate

Joseph Lauren

LOVE his CONTEMPT for the garbage Media


    Me Too!!

    Trev Mac

    He’s consistently melancholy like this all the time.

Evan -

Look how detailed his responses are to football related questions

    darrick steele

    @Johnny Pastrana Do you really think that pushing back on those questions would lead to a better interview?

    dark light

    someone should have asked him, How AB doing

    tyler fletcher

    Johnny Pastrana yeah I think it’s just the fact that they ask irrelevant questions about them cutting a play that was going to cause issues for an organization that’s only focused on winning. Idk how many times bill needs to say it or in how many different ways but like come on I don’t why your trying to make it anything other then that. Like why does it matter what the last straw is we already know what it was

    robert brunelle

    ask a foot ball ? bill talk your ear off

    Rifat Inqiad


Chris P. Bacon

I love when someone asks a good question about a player on the opposing team. BB always gives a solid answer.


Rules for wrestling, when cutting a promo on your opponent always talk them up and make them sound good. That way when you beat them you can then brag about how you beat such a tough opponent. If you call them a bum and say they suck then no one will care when you beat them because you just beat a bum.

P Pumpkin

A new procedure “if you have any questions, raise your hand I’ll call on you”. Bill grinned. He’s taking control of the wayward media.

Vinzzz Monces

At the start of the video he sighs like saying: damn these media guys again 😪
Oh bill, always a delight seeing you on these presscons 😂

Vee Kinn

Like Superman in the Justice League movie.. upper lip doesn’t move. But unlike movie…here at press conference…no CGI needed… cause Bill will not pay for it.

Charly Gr. v.L.

Bill, thank you very much for your summary and detailed statements.👍👍



    Bee bee

    Hast du mitbekommen, Megan hat die erste Frage gestellt und inhaltlich sehr kompetent. Schön, dass man ihr so viel Vertrauen schenkt, dass sie nicht nur die TV-Maus ist, sondern jetzt als seriöse Sportjournalistin agieren darf/kann. Freue mich wirklich sehr für sie.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Bee bee ja, freue mich auch sehr für Megan.

Chris Madsen

Thank you to the reporters for asking questions that allow Bill to open up and praise the highlights of his opponents in such detail, instead of “We’re on to Cincinnati”. This was a fantastic interview.

Dan Morrissette

Every Week Bill talk about how the opposing teams are a good challenge…… comes Sunday….. Destroys them!! 🙂


    Dan Morrissette except this week man, there just trying not to be over confident. I feel like this is gonna be their first close game win or lose


first minute and a half he spoke continuously, but he didnt say anything! I love this guy!

Eppy Boston funny

If the Patriots were playing my old Hebrew School
he would say the same thing, They have a lot of talent, great coaches
Good offense , defense, special teams, We are gonna have our hands full
this Sunday.

    David Podemski

    Eppy Boston funny
    Hebrew Academy plays well in all 3 phases of Tanakh; Shmuel Lefkowitz is a hard guy to bring down, and Rabbi Charnowitz always has them ready to daven.

    Eppy Boston funny

    @David Podemski LOL< Patriots 77, Yeshiva 0, Bill's response would be We left a lot of plays on the field, we have a lot to approve on.

    Trev Mac

    it’was a good game and we are now on to Rosh Hashanah next week

David Fahey

Well Patriots 3-0 Bills 3-0 which team comes up with the 1 in their L column…😝…


Trenny Kusnierek says Belichick should retire since he doesn’t want to give the media what they want. Like most media, she thinks that “I’m here to represent the public” gives her carte blanche to throw any question, at anyone, at anytime. This is the mentality that makes reporters stick a mic into the face of a grieving parent and ask, “so, how does the fact that your daughter just burned to death in that car over there make you feel?”. Bill Belichick is possibly the Greatest Coach of All Time in ALL SPORTS, and has more accomplishment in the clippings of his toenails than Trenny has ever hoped to reach, or imagine in her entire life. Does Belichick sneer at the press? Yes, he often does. When they ask him FOOTBALL questions, he gives detailed, relevant answers. When they ask questions like: “What do you think of Antonio Brown’s behavior in light of those accusations?” ANY answer, either positive or negative, just feeds the story line and advances the story further. Belichick is here to coach the Patriots so they can WIN, not help the media advance story lines that can be a distraction to his team. So he stares, he sneers, he says “We’re on to Buffalo”. This response kills the story, because there’s nothing for the reporter to grab on to. Does this piss off Trenny? Sure it does. Does that bother us, the actual sports fans of New England? Not in the least. So if you find the kitchen a bit hot, Trenny, how about YOU retire. Because you know what? You bring very little to the New England sports scene. You’re a cockroach scurrying on the kitchen floor at the feet of giants like Belichick. Begone, cockroach. =)

    Trev Mac

    Dude you are horribly over reading the situation.. Bill’s been like this since his days as head coach in Cleveland (where he was a failure) Win or lose Belichicks always like this


As a Bills fan, this makes my cold, dead heart experience happiness.

    James Sanders

    Hi… Bo Gills

    Trev Mac

    if yer heart is dead it can’t experience anything

Prick Flair

Bills are looking sharp, great test for us to see where we truly are, especially it being on the road! GO PATS!

    Trev Mac

    Where we truly are?? going back to last season they have won 8 in a row..I think they know where they truly are

Zao Medong

As a Life long Bills fan I have big respect for Coach


The Bills have totally improved since last season. This game won’t be a cakewalk!

rain effect

Yeah he looks so excited you can see it in his face….

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