Bill Belichick: Rodney Harrison “was a very versatile and an impact player” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Let’s go patriots!!!!!!! We’re on are way to 7!!!!


Go Pats!

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Patriots fans, who is your biggest threat heading into the 2019 season?

    Norman Pemper

    @Lisandro Perez Yup

    Platinum Saver

    Team Patriots we’re about winning as a team not winning as a individual this is not tennis

    jay paul


Nick18 M

Next Thursday finally get a taste of football

Nick Racioppi

I love Bill’s conferences!! All those journalists sound “deflated” =) when they are asking questions!! They know what they are going to get for an answer. The last guy did ok though. Go Pats!

    Joseph Lauren

    They ask such DUMB questions for guys following the Pats every day. They should give us insights that fans cannot see on TV, but instead it almost always the same brain-dead questions. For a football genius like BB, I can see why he is frustrated by stupidity.

Michael Dugan

1:54 perfect answer to any question

Rob Roberts

I want to just say thank you Bill. Thank you for all the incredible sucsess you have brought to our Patriots. It will never be the same when you decide to stop coaching. I have so many great memories that can never be taken away from me now. Thank you sir.

Rob Roberts

With out a doubt the GOAT of NFL coaches. It’s so awesome that he is ours. We love ya BB.

Larry Tipton

God i miss him on Madden. Safety who tackled like a linebacker.

VeganVRking- dGameaCat


Blackheads TV

Really really looking forward to this years road to 7!! Defense looks really solid with Collins back and our edge players are amazing. You already know about our safety’s and corners solid solid!


Hey tastyquicksand,your biggest threat is winston.go pats!!!!


Work hard Pats, STAY HEALTHY!

Marie Pierre

Rodney Harrison was a good player very versatile and like to do the best of himself.Congratulations to him and his family.

Marie Pierre

Go Patriots. Nations to celebrate inducted Mr Rodney Harrisson today’s season 2019.!

Peter Asarisi

First player 30 sacks 30 int in nfl history

Learning and Liberty

Bill with a 69 joke at 9:15, obviously trying to get Gronk back.


I don’t know why he has press conferences he’s never going to tell us where the dead bodies are buried


Literally the only time Bill gets excited and has smile on his face with media is when he’s talking about former players haha

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