Bill Belichick: Rodney Harrison deserves to be in Pro Football Hall of Fame – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Blitz for six Productions Reply

Bill belichick is the greatest coach of all time and that’s a fact

    Deal It Reply

    Tell us something we don’t already know!!

nate stroh Reply

To hear BB talk football, or about a player he likes is second to none. He is a defensive minded coach who also has the highest IQ of all coaches.

Drew Earthling Reply

Remember when they were still growing men in America? There’s a couple.

Everything Reply

Yup Rodney is such a great player

Jason-doc- Holiday Reply

People like us Patriots know what we have in Brady and this coach this coach will go down as greatest Coach ever to walk on that field

Drew Foster Reply

This is touching because Rodney needed this recognition because the Pro Football Hall might not give him it. You can tell it means a lot to him

Mohit Garg Reply

This guy’s versatility was unbelievable. Too bad the bias towards the patriots and his style of play prevented him from the recognition he deserved.

Brit NFL Reply

Unselfish leader Rodney Harrison!

salamipitza Reply

belichick won that many rings with the pats
he nearly called them the new england championships

PatsFan89 Reply

Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney 💪. NE Patriot & NFL All Time GREAT! Easily a Top 5-7 Safety of ALL TIME….EASILY!!! Loved me some #37!!! Played every down like it was his last! Only Two players in NFL history have 30+ interceptions & 30+ Sacks…..Ray Lewis & Rodney Harrison 🤯 WOW! NFL HOF should be ashamed the Patriots inducted him into their’s first! Rodney Harrison Career Stats :

34 Interceptions
30.5 Sacks
1,197 Combined Tackles – 911 Solo
40 Tackles for Loss as a SAFETY
2X Super Bowl Champ

Man played for Two teams San Diego Chargers at the time & The NE Patriots and was a HUGE difference maker on both teams! 💪👍

tigran bok Reply

Wow, i have never seen Bill so “open”, so honest, so sincere. I am used to seeing him grunt at press conferences and that is it. Maybe an interview or two he might say a few things. But THIS is Bill, the REAL bill, WOW, love it when he comes out.

Sway Vee6 Reply

Rodney Harrison was one of the main reasons why the patriots were able to achieve winning back to back super bowl championships in 03′ & 04′

    PatsFan89 Reply

    Sway Vee6 💪. Yes he was! Like he said “Peyton came into our house and we spit in his face! Right Willie!?” Ahahah They don’t make them like him anymore!

tj Reply

Just noticed bill will only talk openly and say the way he really feels about players that have retired,,,but not so much about guys still playing,,,he holds back ,,,and I think that’s the right way to do it,,,as is everything this man does,,,love bill ,,,love rodney,,,he was the man just wish he played longer with the Pat’s instead of wasting half his career with chargers

Johnny Clint Reply

This kind of public praise from BB is an award, all by itself.

Brent Dowland Reply

Who else started crying from that praise. I know some of you were definitely choked up.

    Quivver77 Reply

    Just the fags. The rest of us were cool.

Jordan Ridgeway Reply

Had me tear up when he said Rodney needs to be in the HOF

G123 Reply

I can think of 14 guys that should be future locks for the Patriots HOF

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

Rodney definitely should have his name in Canton OH

andri marpaung Reply

If Bill Belichick tells you that player A is a HoFer then that playerA is a HoFer, i believe in him more than those so called “journalists”,…

Thor Valhalla Reply

Rodney does deserve to be in the Pro Football HoF, and one day, Bill Belichick will also be in the NFL HoF. Greatest coach of all time. Great speech.

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