Bill Belichick on win over Panthers: “I thought we played competitively” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I feel like we’re playing Kansas City.

dominique lindo

God patriots🔵🔴

Jacks Comedy Hub

Great game man!


Reads title:

Me: Ya damn right we played

Michael Connors

Eight penalties–an improvement from the previous weeks, but the Coach wasn’t happy about it, and neither was I. A good effort put forward by the team. Your World Champion are 7-3 in games played since 2009 when the team commits 8 penalties, and 1-3 in games decided by 10 points or less when the team commits 8 penalties. And can we have an end to excuse making–the penalties on the Patriots second drive, PENALTY on NE-J.Meyers Offensive Holding 10 yards, then PENALTY on NE-S.Mason, Chop Block, 15 yards stopped that drive.

    Bikram Mann

    NFL really needs to figure out the holding calls. There is going to be some of that especially on off tackle stuff. Refs have been flag happy on holding, even on the back side of the play. Holding on 1st down is drive killer.


So many stupid questions, press should know better.

    James Wells

    alex2405777 really? It doesn’t matter because bills not gonna give an expanded answer.


I hope the patriots become 7 times Super Bowl champions and bill belichick keep up the good work

Srijit Gaire

Damn I thought he was gon pull out the “I am just here so I won’t get fined” 😂

Big White Duck

1:03 was telling

Charly Gr. v.L.

EVERY day is a good DAY to improve … and to be competitive…. GOOD LUCK, Bill. 👍🤞🤞

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.

    👍 Danke.

Kevin Jameson

These questions definitely put Bill on a “We’re on to Cincinnati” vibe

Kirk Moore

The vidid camera angles and high resolution brought Coach Personally into a new dimension! I tip my cap to the work of the Patriots crew! Eric
Mangini must be green eyed with envy!!!

Conor Bennett

absolute rookie mistake at 3:24

Peter Karel Kraus

Olsen would look good in Blue , red, and silver. 👍 You can’t argue with hang time average.

P Pumpkin

Belichick can make any question seem stupid. Of course most of these post game question are stupid, they are just fishing hoping the interviewee will give them something.


Bill had eggshells spread all over the media room!😂

Rob Roberts

The lombardi trophy should be re named the Belichick trophy. Bill has left lombardis legend in the dust. He is by far the greatest coach ever.

Rob Roberts

The whole Chung thing is bothering him. He likes Chung and Im sure this is killing Bill.

Edward Belliveau

The media don’t get it bill will never tell you anything because of the circus you turned deflate gate into you can’t be trusted

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