Bill Belichick on win over Jets: “We played competitively” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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dogbert102010 Reply

0:19 celebrations over we’re on to Buffalo, took longer than usual

Walnut Mack Reply

He swerved that Antonio Brown Question.

He continues to teach me, not to dignify everything.

    Vox Populi Reply

    The funny thing is I am neither a professional reporter nor involved in the NFL and I could have told you exactly how that question would go lol. I mean come on.

    PATS NATION 102288 Reply


    RGC2005 Reply

    No swerve, he just plowed over it and moved on.

    luka832 Reply

    He’s on to Cinncinati? Actually on “Around the NFL” podcast they made some valid points. If any other coach swereved questions like that would it be tolerated to such a degree? I mean is it dignity if you just answer the questions you like? He brought AB in and should own it up. We f.. up, we cut him now when he’s absolutely toxic, on to cinnci…

    karlinchina Reply

    Silence is a powerful weapon

MSC TheGamer Reply

Big Bill shutting down reporters, you love to see it

    tj Reply

    Thank you came here to say the same thing

    r man Reply

    He answered most of the questions quite nicely actually



    RiFF RAFF Reply

    PRINCE RAIN actually… defense allowed the only touchdowns……

    *their* defense.

CooterCoy Reply

Maybe this will finally be the Patriots year to win it all.

    carlos torres Reply

    Send nudes

    washburn11000 Reply

    Lmao 😂

    washburn11000 Reply

    @Kaylee Brown ur realize it’s a joke, right?

    Rohi psalm23 Reply

    CooterCoy lol lol

    Eric Delisle Reply

    Some boring, simple people in this thread. Lighten up

Steven H. Reply

See. If you ask an intelligent question, you will get a good answer.

    r m smith Reply

    A good generic answer

    jesaliga Reply

    And if you ask about Antonio Brown you get a dodge.

    Chupatwo Chupatwo Reply

    @jesaliga who’s antonio brown?

    Herbert Hickey Reply

    @Chupatwo Chupatwo I dunno, who?

    trublu97 Reply

    @Herbert Hickey on to buffalo.
    that is who.

Cody Fast Reply


Random chick: BILl wHy DId yUo DEciDe TO cUT AntOnIO BrOWn

Always gotta be that one person.. SMH LOL

    Scott Reply

    Word. And the only female. She sounded stupid just talking

    eli bozak Reply

    Lmao the moment of awkward silence after she asked, you can tell these are all patriots reporters and know what question to ask. She was probably CNN or some stupid outsider

    karlinchina Reply

    Can you tell us exactly why you cut AB and, in your mind, how stupid he is, on a scale of one to ten, for contacting his accuser by text message?

Scott Reply

1st female reporter, bill y did u decide to cut Antonio brown. I would have booted her out

    Scott Reply

    @B D thing is all the male reporter’s knew better cuz of last time

    Scott Reply

    @B D not a single male reporter hinted towards that question but she just had to ask something sooo stupid

    Cam Reply

    Scott what time was it?

    Scott Reply

    @Cam about 2 mins in

    Cam Reply

    Scott thanks I was to lazy to find it

Eric Wiitala Reply

Back to normal. Circus left town.

Vyrsace Reply

Got to love how a reporter asks a question (AB question) that Bill is clearly never going to answer. She knew this or else she wouldn’t be a reporter with media status high enough to even come to the post game conference. She still asked it anyways because she probably has literally no other skills than to click bait her audience with over sensational headlines.

MP15aug Reply

I don’t know why people ask him questions about AB everyone knows he is not going to answer that.

    Patrick M Reply

    Because 99% of reporters ask stupid things they know will piss ppl off. Such s sad profession

Dave May Reply

If you ask Bill anything about defense you will get his attention.

    Potato Aim Reply

    Dave May special team *

11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

It would be a girl reporter asking about AB.

    GoodFella1294 Reply

    You could hear that “smartass” attitude in her voice

    carlos torres Reply

    The pay me more attitude

rockit730 Reply

2:05. OMG! Was that a smack down or what!

Kenny Testa Reply

Isn’t that reporter cute asking that big girl question

Nick Kentros Reply

Ask about special teams, got the longest and most detailed answer. Classic BB

- Blythe Reply

Bill is internally fuming about Stidham and Gunner.
They will be running extra hills this week.

    Presley Rexford Reply

    Assuming there is a next week for them

Paul Gman Reply

I love the way Bill puts the media in their place. He owes them nothing.

    karlinchina Reply

    Just what the NFL requires, nothing more

S S Reply

Random female reporter at 2:04

“Let’s see if I can end this press conference early”

jiggjohnson84 Reply

Had to be a ladyyyyyy (BILL BURR VOICE) to ask the A.B question.

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