Bill Belichick on Tom Brady: ” He’s put in a lot of time, a lot of work” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ethan Thompson


Fatal Phenom

Bill Belichick comes out smiling and makes a little joke. Ok.

    Al Haymon

    It terrified me!

Julie Spak

Why would the patriots do this

Big White Duck

Bill is extra peppy with the lip smacking today

    Jake Shattuck

    He’s is midseason form.

Natasha cutie pie

Wow Bill in rare form! Smiling already 😁

    The Cold Dark

    Not sure if that bodes well or ill for the pats

    Jake Shattuck

    I suspect he’s rather confident heading into this season. We lost players but have plenty of veterans from past seasons as well as new talent. He’s had a chance to see what we have and is still showing a little grin.

    The Cold Dark

    @Jake Shattuck Not a Pats fan myself, but I’ve always admired how they conduct business; Here’s to a playoff showdown in Nashville..

    Deal It

    Enjoy it!……That want last,… me!!

Nicholas White

Should everyone be afraid… BB cracking jokes…?!?

Joseph Lauren

Bill “Joe Namath’s Cape” Belichick

Ronald Williams

My favorite team practicing against my Home town Team🔥 Dope. Go Patriots 😂💯🔥

    GamingWith DJ

    Lol same here 😂

    Deal It

    IF the Lions want to get their act together, they would be wise to take copious notes on every-fucking-thing Belichick does and says,….or don’t!!…………. Pat’s fans really don’t give a flying F, but it would be a very smart thing to do.

Ray Sully A.K.A Massholehead

Who died ?

    mike thomas

    Nobody farted its ok lol

Nary Son

Bill cracking jokes, just made my day!!🤣😂 #LFG

mike thomas

Bill cracking smiles those dont come free lol


The New England lions at least that’s what they should be called seeing as how much Patriot Talent went over there

    Jake Shattuck

    Detroit Patriots

Adam Knoedler

Bill’s smiling and crackin jokes??? 😲


What’s the big deal on Brady’s contract? I thought he wants at least 10million a year with all he’s done what was the problem?

Luke R.

Uh oh, Bill looks cheerful. Another Super Bowl incoming.


At 5;19, he basically says that the NFL HOF is essentially an archive for every NFL player. Cool fact!


Belichick in a good mood…at season’s beginning…what’s the catch…

Luke Eaton

Must be on opioids

Tammy Martin

This was a different Bill but don’t be fooled. He’s relaxed and rested and get ready! Let’s Gooo! I started laughing when he said, “You’re not going to last very long if ya cant’ play 500 or better on the road” Says another Superbowl Ring! Gotta love BB!


Coach rockin those coaching short-shorts.

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