Bill Belichick on the Steelers “We’ve always had very tough games with them” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick on the Steelers “We’ve always had very tough games with them”

Bill Belichick sat down with Scott Zolak to preview the Patriots home opener vs. the Steelers. He discussed the two teams competitive history, getting players ready for the regular season, and the loss to them last year.

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Jonathan Wytas Reply

Finally! Coffee cups on the table so the title makes sense 😂

    James Curtis Reply

    Would be good if the handles were pointing towards the coach like it was his and not like the camera crew left them there.

    Enzo Gorlami Reply

    Jonathan Wytas they’ve been reading the comments but I bet they are empty

Eman Paul Reply


Angel Valle Reply

the last of the mohicans !

P Pumpkin Reply

Scott is one of the few that has intelligent conversations with Bill.

mickser101 Reply

Bill “8 Rings” Belichick

    Turrell Ford Reply

    i like that name

Equitable Apple Reply

The Man who held the Rams to 3. How can you doubt him ?

Hunter Clark Reply

They might as well have the interview in the back of a car driven by Jerry Seinfeld

Nick18 M Reply

Everything in my life has changed except the pats. I can always count on them

    Dj29hawkings Reply

    Bill Belichick it’s was BG29 as in bill is a genius and he’s taking us 2 9 Super Bowl wins

    Dj29hawkings Reply

    Nick18 M so not everything’s changed then (just fucking with you lad, go PATS)

    Bill Belichick Reply

    @Dj29hawkings hope so! But im greedy! I want to see the Pats go 19-0 one time to make up for the almost perfect season!

    Dj29hawkings Reply

    Bill Belichick the dolphins need to suffer, take that “were the only perfect team” saying away from them. You know you’ll beat them twice this year anyway, they aren’t beating anyone with fitzception and Rosen at qb

    Nick18 M Reply

    Dj29hawkings he’s a genius for sure. Proved it again today

shariff ismail Reply

I got the steelers to win

    Day Be Trippin Reply


    Thomas Roth 68 Reply

    Pittys gone be loosers

Christopher Robbins Reply

Good show. Zolak knows how to interview and engage Belichick.

Every Villain Is Lemons Reply

Emperor Palpa-chick has got a plan to handle the Squealers
He’s got a few tricks up those rolled sleeves

My Dumass - Reply

Y you lying Bill?

Martin Goodef' Reply

Bloody heck, says many things but says very little, boring man but obviously a great tactile man

Austin Ahern Reply

Nice!!! Can’t wait for the season to start!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Turrell Ford Reply

We not losing to them again coach go pats bill 8 rings bilchick

    steelpenguin1 Reply

    Turrell Ford good luck

snipe69 Reply

See, he WILL answer questions, they just have to be LEGITIMATE and INTELLIGENT!

Jay Smith Reply


Bobby Yontz Reply

Game of the week

bashir chedid Reply

The f in pats have owned the Steelers.

    steelpenguin1 Reply

    bashir chedid dude the past is the past. This is a whole new season. Both teams lost major offensive pieces, although I think the Steelers are better off without the two pain in the asses. Both improves their defenses, more so Pittsburgh but in the end Nobody knows but we’ll find out soon enough.

    Pedro Martinez Reply

    Brady is 11-3 v. Pittsburgh with 31 TDs and 4 INTs.
    All three times he lost – the patriots won the AFC and went to the Super Bowl.

Kevin McClain Sr. Reply

One day ago they knew they were getting AB.

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