Bill Belichick on the dominance of the Patriots defense in NYJ vs. NE | Belichick Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jeff Trag Reply

Did the defense, statistically, get a shut out because the two touchdowns were scored by special teams and the opposing defense?

    Light Yagami Reply

    Yes they did

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    The 14 pts scored by the Jets just count against the entire team. In the category of pts against Just as the pick 6 by Stephon & Jamie by the defense counts for the entire team as pts for.

    Jeff Trag Reply

    @11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom I just wanted to know if the defense went in the books as shutting out the Jets so their standing as a defense in the NFL ratings would not be damaged by the 2 touchdowns., The D had had a hell of a great 4 games. Seems like before the D always started slow and go better later in the season.

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Reply

    @Jeff Trag It goes in the record books as no touchdowns or points or allowed by the defense. There is a website called It tracks these sorts of things. It has the Pats at streak of 4 consecutive game with no rushing or passing touchdowns allowed. The current record is 5 games. Held by the Cowboys and Steelers.

    Jeff Trag Reply

    @11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom Thanks, after commenting I started wondering what the record was.

Tyrell Lovitt Reply

The Best Coach Of All Time Bill Belichick

    Louise Saint Martine Reply

    Darth Belichick has spoken.

    TheBallsKicker Reply

    He’s nothing without Brady.

    Louise Saint Martine Reply

    @TheBallsKicker That explains why he went 11-5 with Matt Cassle. It was secretly Brady pulling the strings.

Austin Ahern Reply

Nice win!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

geekdiggy Reply

the patriots linebackers are my favorite group in the NFL. hightower, van noy, collins, e-rob, simon, bentley, winovich are a fantasy owner’s dream. even the depth guys are scary.

    Im Tyrone Reply

    geekdiggy Definitely

    ted bundy Reply

    would’ve been nice to get Chandler Jones back

    SuperJohn12354 Reply

    there able to do what they do because of the Patriots secondary, insane people have forgotten why corners and safety’s are so valuable

Jack Morton Reply

I love these videos, one of the highlights of the week youtube-wise

Chupatwo Chupatwo Reply

what an amazing start to the season!


COMPLETE SHUTOUT….. rookies needa stop being flashy cost us 14pts could of been 30-0

    Allan Roberto Reply

    Olszewski actually didnt tried anything that could be considered “flashy”, he just muffed.

    Bear Archambault Reply

    @Allan Roberto Shoulda called a fair catch. Situational awareness… when you’re up that much, no point in taking the risk on catching it in traffic.

    BeaterWRX Reply

    *need to
    *could have

    SKYNET #2025 Reply

    @Bear Archambault He shouldn’t have tried to catch it with his hands. He should have let it drop into the bread basket.

aichask Reply

love watching BB talk so effusively in these videos. Shows how he loves football and is so passionate about his job whereas press conferences are his least favorite things lol

    Ho Lee Fuk Reply

    He loves talking about the actual strategic side of football and or plays/players dynamics in certain plays. If the press ask the right questions he will give amazing answers. Anything to do with politics or future events forget it, guy will be stone cold.

    Numnizzle Reply

    @Ho Lee Fuk or injuries lol

James Wood Reply

Love how Scott zolak acts cool and tries to impress coach.

    awise83 Reply

    That’s how he gets beleich to talk football zolac doest ask dumb azz questions

    Daniel Casey Reply

    Most of those moments are for the camera because not everyone is gonna understand everything Bill says. Half the time hes just elaborating a bit more to help the viewer understand

Chop Sueylife Reply

Great win, Offence and Defense looked phenomenal but Special Teams got work on some things

Rifat Inqiad Reply

why does bill just share his plays like this lol. he knows you still cant stop us

secretagentman l Reply

Bill knows every player both sides of the ball. Probably knows there stats too. Pure genius 👌

    Ironfangzu Reply

    BB knows all. What their strengths and weakness are in all phases of the game. He factors everything into his brain and then concocts a game plan to plays to our player’s strengths and the opponent player’s weaknesses. The opponents get flattened and are left scratching their heads. Excuse makers like Mike Tomlin then suggest that BB somehow got his game plan and that’s why the Patriots always had their players in the right play. The truth is, BB is smarter. Our players are better prepared. They are more disciplined. They are winners who don’t talk and brag before the game. They celebrate each win quietly and confidently, like skilled craftsmen working expertly with their tools. Teams like the Steelers have players who like to guarantee victories before playing the Pats. The Pats smile, take care of business, and move on to the next victim.

    Mo A Reply

    he knows their alma matters and even their parents names. im not kidding

The Dynasty Continues Reply

I know it was just the Jets…. but this 2019 defense has been lights out since the preseason.

Absolutely ferocious defense this year that REALLY gets after it

yungdresscode Reply

This segment is becoming the highlight of my work week, I start searching for the new one every Tuesday afternoon!

Montrose2525 Reply

There’s only one coach I ever thought got into Belichick’s head and that’s Tom Coughlin. Damn those Giants!

shawnrectanus Reply

Can you guys imagine the absolute knowledge Bill has in terms of anything football. The zones, the formations, the positioning, this guy probably knows 99.9% of all football knowledge. I would love to see behind the scenes with him creating a new play or coaching up a specific player.

John Phillip Reply

Jesus look how much space and time Brady has

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Bill, it was an exciting game.
We all from here say – thank you very much – that jakob got a chance to prove his abilities in this game!!!! 👍👍

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Reply

    Danke Liebes, ich habe mich auch sehr für JJ gefreut. Es wäre ja hammermässig, wenn er weitere Chancen bekommt. Drücken wir ihm fest die Daumen, daß er sein Talent einsetzen kann!!!!!!!!!

    Bee bee Reply

    Ja Charly, “unser” JJ – hoffentlich kann er sein Talent zeigen.

    Joachim v. W. Reply

    Charly, stimmt – hatte mich darüber auch sehr gefreut!!! Crossing fingers für JJ

    Christina O'Reilly Reply

    Freue mich sehr charly das ihr alle euch so über jj freut sehen wir mal was sich für ihn gutes ergibt

The Second Reply

Dude is telling us how he is getting through teams and no NFL coaches are watching this? Sad 😔

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