Bill Belichick on Stephon Gilmore: he’s “very committed and dedicated to his craft” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Stephen Gilmore is a beast corner and super underrated.


    not underrated. he was a all-pro last year and ranked as the best corner.

    Gladiator Wheeliecool

    hes the best shutdown corner in the fucking league, he can cover anyone in the league 1v1 and it allows the patriots to make overpowered moves with their safeties and the rest of their secondary.

    Enzo Gorlami

    Cam He’s All-Pro. That’s the highest rating you can get

Blitz for six Productions

Let’s go patriots 1 more week until preseason I know it’s just preseason but still football

P Pumpkin

BB age 67 and still going strong.

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.

    the person with the best poker face I have ever seen

    Kevan Brose

    Hes gonna keep going till he gets shulas win record.


    67 isn’t old


If you’re a rookie WR and bill calls you a “smart kid” multiple times, you got a future ahead of you . Jakobi Meyers is one to watch.

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

Best corner in football 💯

eric gilman

Bill looks like hes trying to answer all questions from a room full of bratty 5 year olds. After being up for 3days .


Collins will have a monster season.

JBeasy 56

How does everyone not burst out in laughter during these?


    20 years, 8402572345024 playoff games, 9 super bowl games, 6 rings. At this point BB can stand in front of the mic and say “Tonight it will get dark, and in the morning the sun will come up and it will get brighter. It’ll be Friday tomorrow, followed by Saturday. OK thanks for coming”, and the press will just take it for what it’s worth, and we fans will cheer. Almost every other head coach in the NFL talks better than BB does. But he’s by FAR the best head coach, so we’ll take it, deadpan mumbo jumbo and all.


Bill should go into politics. He’d be a fantastic White House Press Secretary.

    Rob Roberts

    OMG GMO lol

    Anthony DiFilippe

    …We’re on to North Korea.

Rod Morrow

I enjoy these press conferences. The reporters are so timid when asking their questions.

bargain bob

0:02 he’s so fed up lol


I feel like we’re playing Kansas City.

    Andi Dhimitri

    HANIF7G this man is already serious. I matter if it’s the championship game or the mini camp. Respect !

Rob Roberts

This is going to be a killer year. It’s us against the world again. Bulls eye on our backs. God I feel sorry for them.


If I was a reporter in that room
First thing I would say is,,,,bill please calm down ,,,,you’re way too excited today what’s gotten into you,,,take it down a couple of notches and please stop yelling,,,just to see if I could make him crack a smile


Reporter: Is Isaiah Wynn still too injured to play?
Me: Woah, woah, calm down Bill.


“improved” is code for we are Super Bowl bound.


Other teams should take notes! I’m talking you Cowboys.

Megajack Wackstyles

Ladies and gentlemen I present you with the emperor of the darkside


I was too young for the Steelers dynasty and too young during the 49ers dynasty to appreciate it. I’m old enough now to appreciate what the Patriots are doing for two decades. I’m a Giants fan and as a fan I’m enjoying the professionalism and execution displayed on the field. Hats off to the patriots. GEEEMENNN

Russ Hartman

Gilmore is full-blown shut-down Corner in this league, with the additions to the unit this year he will be even better.
The rich just keep getting richer.

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