Bill Belichick on Stephon Gilmore: “He does such a great job playing the ball” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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David Powell Reply

Pat’s look not so good. D is amazing. Gronk please come back. Gilmore is the man.

    Peter Karel Kraus Reply

    So you actually mean Pats’ 1st half offense is shaky but not the team as a whole?

    C.S.Allen Reply

    Dude, he just signed a contract with FOX Sports to be a commentator on games. He’s going not where anytime soon this year anyways.

    Peter Karel Kraus Reply

    @C.S.Allen YOU are an illiterate fool who should be living under a bridge. The word is anyway. Carmel is a city in California but NOT CARAMEL

    Oliver Hart Reply

    @Peter Karel Kraus YOU are a big meany

    Judilyn Travis Reply

    I was hoping that he’d suit up at 1/2 time and help us out
    But they found a way

Peter Karel Kraus Reply


    6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters Reply

    You must be young. Tedy Brushci was a 3rd rd pick

    Michael Murphy Reply

    How about Curtis Martin (Hall of Fame)?

    6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters Reply

    @Michael Murphy He had just 3 seasons on the Pats. Rest were with the Jets. He chose big money form the Jets. Can’t blame him. Had he stayed he’d have 3 rings.

    Peter Karel Kraus Reply

    @6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters Tedy was good , really good, but not this good in his rookie year.

    6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters Reply

    @Peter Karel Kraus You didn’t specify that. You said best ever. Wino is off to good start though.

michael madeira Reply

Coach Belichick seems to be a Chatty Cathy after a nice win against the Giants lol. Go Pat’s!!

C.S.Allen Reply

Holy crap, B.B. is actually answering questions! Someone get a shot of this!

    Ronald Reagan Reply

    He loves abswering questions that he likes
    Ask the right question and he will drop knowledge

    A. D. Reply

    This is a recording..

    superbus starodub Reply

    @A. D. It was a joke

xavier lopez Reply

I really really hope he writes a book after he retires. Him & tom

    Sinai Li Reply

    or just him, enough to write like 10 books

Demonbreed Gaming Reply

bill seemed to be in a good mood. also seemed like he had a cold.

    CfenwickJ Reply

    The dude was coughing on the sideline 😂

    Justin Jones Reply

    Guess he likes having the weekend off.

RW3ints Reply

Bring back AB

No Name Reply

rare to see Bill be so open and talkative at a press conference, he must be in a really good mood …I’ve only seen him this way when its a one on one interview

    MikeX89 Reply

    Because they finally asked relevant football questions. It must be refreshing for him to not be talking about Antonio Brown.

    tinhinnh Reply

    new pats fan?

    T Z Reply

    @MikeX89 I kinda miss those questions ha. Once he sniffs out a question about Brown, he just shuts it down.

Aaron Lynn Reply

5:00 lol what on earth is this man trying to ask?

    r man Reply

    I know right… somehow bill knew tho

    Reptilian Hook Reply

    I was pretty surprised he even tried to answer it, must’ve been in a good mood

    SquidTeamSIX Reply

    He was trying so hard to sound sophisticated.. And it failed miserably.. Bill gave a pity answer for dudes effort

    tinhinnh Reply

    ss sorr rr yy ttha that wwas ss mmm meee

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

have a good recovery time!! 👍👍

    Christina O'Reilly Reply

    Charly hast du alles gut vertragen? War ein spätes spiel heute. War ein harte woche für die jungs und bill ist erklältet zuviel stress wünsche dir eine gut zeit

    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Christina O’Reilly Für die Jungs war es bestimmt 1 harte Woche und es war 1 extrem spannendes Spiel. Viell. ist ja in NE Grippe? Wir haben heute morgen wie 1 tote Maus unter dem Schreibtisch gelegen, die Zeitdifferenz ist heftig und der Esspresso hilft leider nur bedingt😉. Dir auch 1 gute Zeit LG C.

06kiely Reply

Proof that when asked proper football questions Bill will give a great conference

Paul Fearon Reply

Hell guys. “Down to one grouping” what does it mean? Down to one group of players?

    Oliver Hart Reply

    I think they were limittied to Izzo as the only TE and basically 3 WRs not counting Slater. So they were on the field like the whole time in the second half

martinezandy15 Reply

Edelman and Gilmore really came in clutch

Yeltsin 68 Reply

Man. This guy must be part Vulcan. No emotion. You’d never know they haven’t lost a game yet!! Speaks all about the team and praising. Great leader.

    liuba ciupac Reply

    Yeltsin 68 Russian blood…. ❤️ my people

Yeltsin 68 Reply

Bill should run for president. Everyone would do their job or be gone.

Disappointed Steve Reply

Pat’s got screwed on that 4th and 1!

Brent Dowland Reply

Kyle gets my MVP vote, he’s always working and grinding. Kyle for MVP

bob tanner Reply

HEY………………… what about the buffalo bills guys defense also number one too…..

Riveriux Phenom Reply

Hey bill, Are you at all worried the Patriots have missed a kick in every single game ?

themou2008 Reply

Gilmore should have been Superbowl MVP with that last minute interception.

    Bill L Reply

    Jason mcCourty may og had an even bigger play breaking up that pass in the endzone where it looked like it was for sure a TD.

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