Bill Belichick on preparing for the Titans: It’s a “good opportunity for us this week” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
kevys ッ

let’s go bill!

    Matthew Rogers

    1 of two bills …..Walsh……2 best coaches ever….and a Vince….game over

Pats fan

Really excited for this season feel like it’s going to be 7th ring


    I hope so

    Lamp Long Bust

    Me too


I feel like we’re playing Kansas City.

    Matthew Rogers

    If kc. Can make it…..we be waiting……

Sanusuke Wan

No hear anything…..fyfhhi uhhsv yyhi

Vegas Vix

I’m excited for the Patriots #StairWayToSeven

Michael Connors

Your World Champion New England Patriots have a good opportunity to take care of some unfinished business and administer a well deserved beat down on the Tennessee Titans just like the team did back in 2009 when YWCNEP defeated the Titans 59-0.

    Matthew Rogers

    Last time we lost ….we don’t forget

    Michael Connors

    @Matthew Rogers That’s the unfinished business.

    Matthew Rogers

    @Michael Connors and they will number 7…cement their legacy….2nd time back to back…should have been 3 but…..

    Michael Connors

    @Matthew Rogers Who’s going to beat them? There are about two or three teams in the NFL and the rest are frauds. Every time I see the coach he has that wild eyed look–he knows.

    Matthew Rogers

    @Michael Connors not sure…..we will c…..I focus on s.b. reg sea. Means nothing……just a walk thru

Joshua Lewis

Bill voted for President Trump

    Joseph Mellen

    That just increases the judgment that he is a total genius. What does that have to do with the subject? Oh, I know, you are a Leftist Marxist lying Democrat with no ability to think critically and understand simple everyday things.

    Joshua Lewis

    @Joseph Mellen relax buddy..I didn’t say it was a bad thing.

Shaun Lowe

Bill is like the last OG of NFL coaching. He could & should teach a master class in coach/player vs. media. He’s just stone cold give them nothing!!

Shaun Lowe

Fans are hanging on to every word. Looking for any news/clues. And Bill’s like Robert DeNiro up there. Yes, & no answer’s thats all your going to get

    Punka Pie

    @Matthew Rogers
    That was flipping hysterical.,I rarely lol like that, thanks!

    Matthew Rogers

    @Punka Pie line from a movie…..the departed…mark whalberg ur welcome

    Jus Josh

    Matthew Rogers
    Awesome movie lol

Cooper Hilinsky

I love seeing Bill get so emotional


why do reporters bother?

    john bush

    They probably wouldn’t bother if they didn’t need they paycheck

Timothy Peterson


Tanner Bradley

Please forgive me please Bellicheck please I want to see my family again

Charly Gr. v.L.

To have the knowledge is power
and power is knowledge …..
Bill, you are the communications strategist => par excellence = !!!!

Michael Connors

YWCNEP’s loss to the Titans (Final Score 34-10) was one of 8 games decided by exactly 24 points during the Tom Brady era. YWCNEP are 6-2 in those 8 games (.750 winning percentage). Brady averages a 113.988 QB rating for those eight games, a 129.683 average rating for the wins and a 66.900 average rating for the losses. In last year’s loss to the Titans YWCNEP had 4 penalties, 2 offensive, 1 defensive, and 1 special team.

    john bush

    Yeah but like the second biggest blowout in NFL history was tom n Hoyer vs the Titans in 09 final score 59-0

    Jus Josh

    john bush
    You forgot to put “IN THE SNOW”

Bill Belichick

Why do these idiots even bother!


Some questions are just stupid.

Tomas Huerta

Somebody ask a good football or contextual question, please.

Obviously, the future HOFer isn’t going to give up strategy, personnel evaluation, or inflammatory talking points about PI calls during a press conference.

Jus Josh


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