Bill Belichick on preparing for the Bills: “We’ve got a lot to get ready for” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick: master of saying everything yet nothing at the same time


    he says nothing ever. i dont even know why we watch this stuff.


    @Friendly I watch to hear what they find strong about their opponents. Helps me identify what they key in on during games. Also love listening to Belichick go off on football history when reporters ask a rare good question, guy’s got one hell of a memory

Charly Gr. v.L.

GOOD LUCK for the whole team 👍👍
(from all of us here)

    Christina O'Reilly

    Oh ja liebe Charly drücken wir den jungs die daumen wünsche dir einen guten spielabend die übertragungszeit ist glücklicherweise für uns alle erträglich.

Every Villain Is Lemons

Emperor Palpa-chick focused on that 7th Lombardi


    Every Villain Is Lemons haha!! Emperor Palpa-chick!! Stealing this one

    Shawn Sanders

    His main weapon of destruction to carry out his will in Darth Brady.

    Every Villain Is Lemons

    @Shawn Sanders
    Emperor Palpa-chick & Darth Brady along with the New England Stormtroopers are gonna demolish 31 teams of rebel scum for that coveted 7th Lombardi

mike robidoux

bill fired up for sunday


Guy is hilarious. Warm reception up in buffalo 😂. Everyone misses it. Press of stones

    Miss Di R.

    veneta72 quite a few smiles not just with his mouth but those eyes 🤣🤣🤣 whacha got bill?

Thomas Kelly

Aside from the obvious he is a master at the psychology of sports…..never ever gives the opposing team bulletin board material and always is respectful. He is simply the master

Gary Olafson

that’s right; sure… the Patriot’s will get a ‘warm’ reception in Buffalo (funny, I had to laugh). Some kind of reception anyway.

Jack Trudel

Keep asking the questions about the opponent. After twenty years of pressers most of those in the media still haven’t figured this out.

Lance Milliken

Bill is snorting like crazy in this one.
Love it, I’m sure that there is a specific reason as to why he is doing that right now

    Slack BomSlack

    Lance Milliken I think so too.

    Miss Di R.

    My dog actually perked up like what was that? Lmao

    James Ouellet

    hes been doing that for years.

Denis Maksimchuk

Sounds like Bill wants Foster. It was a good question because it showed what the bills need to do to beat them. Gilmore can get beat long if I remember correctly.

Joe Mahony

Every reporter must get a stiffy when Bill says “That’s a really good question”!


Guy is hysterical. Hem and haw about nothing.

Slack BomSlack


Peter S

I’d love a reporter to ask Bill: “do you take it personally when not a single reporter laughs at your attempt at a joke?”

Harry Cardillo

Now that’s the haircut of a multi-millionaire, huh?

Earl Stambush

Bill would’ve been a great general in any era of warfare.A true general never gives any information to the enemy that might help that enemy win.

Nick Vandal

feel like we are having a good week……BUFFALO IS SCREWED


Getting a “good question” from Bill Belichick, must have you walking out of the media room like your 7 foot tall.

BisdakYoda Chewy

A team could be 0-10 and he’ll still say “they’re a good football team…”


if the patriots beat a team 40 times in a row by 35 points each contest bill would say they have their work cut out for them lol

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