Bill Belichick on preparing for playoffs: “This is what we’ve worked for all year” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE



    CioCioCio you’re second.


If we run the ball from this point on, we’ll be fine.

    Proteus Augustus

    HANIF7G Running takes too much time off clock. Titans are going to eat a lot of min with ground attack. We’ll need to get the ball down field quick if we fall behind; meaning passing attack – ??

    Gronk Gronk

    Proteus Augustus 💯 it’s Brady Edelman and defense vs everyone

TheMoney_TeamTBE Rodriguez

New England Patriot
no matter if lose

    Chris Williams

    They not!!!! they said the same thing last year after the lose to the dolphins positive affirmation

Bronco Nation

Congrats to the pats for making the playoffs again.


    Bronco Nation lmao not getting a first round bye is as good as missing the playoffs

    Bronco Nation

    Whiplash95 no it’s not. As someone who missed the playoffs, I’d rather be in the wildcard round.

    Frank Rene

    @Whiplash95 Enjoy this, soon you guys won’t be relevant for years to come!


Be nice if the receivers could get open.

    Gronk Gronk

    TheLetterY Brady Edelman defense vs everyone

Calvin Nelms

Pars win

Morty P

Where is the Pats “explosiveness” Bill ???

therion s


Gabriel Frias

The defense better he ready to make tackles and stopping the run last week was terrible

Morty P

Dumb questions,Are they afraid to ask real Questions ?

Steven Nieto

Make sure to use your timeouts!!!!!

Soundness Of Mind

If we survive this game then we’ll have to play in KC and if we beat them we’ll have to go to Baltimore if Baltimore wins their first playoff game..yikes

Lol_ tzuyu•momo

No matter what happens, I’m always a pats fan ❤️✌️

Boruto Uzumaki

We need to run the ball more often.
WRs need to create separation.
Defense needs to play better than what they played like Sunday.
And toss in a few trick plays and we can find success.

Jared Da Legend

They should keep passing it to Watson or do some slot flags or the play where a wide receiver is in front of the Tight end in the middle
If not keep passing it to Dorsett down the side lines

Ibrahim Shahid

Still a patriot no matter the result

Marty Brown

Play Brandon Boden more also burkhead

Joseph Reyes

Up hill battle ..tough road to travel..but….!?..what goes up must come down..that’s the cruel reality..

Christer Holmgren

We are on to the titans


We can do it!! Let’s Go!!

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