Bill Belichick on performance vs. Steelers: “They played competitively in all 3 phases of the game” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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konanoobiemaster Reply

i love their rapport

Philip Oldenburgh Reply

Coming for Seven!!!!!!!!

Jerad Wilson Reply

They could win 100-0 and Bill would still say, “That was a tough matchup, but we got the job done.”

    True Pats fans Reply


    Bell Iron Fist Reply


    P Pumpkin Reply

    That’s why he wins. He never takes anything for granted – not even Miami next week. He’s preparing for them like they are the top team in the league. And he’s not looking ahead to any other games.

    Idktyler Reply

    P Pumpkin exactly

    SuperJohn12354 Reply

    It’s a respect thing, Bill knows what it’s like to be on the other end

Chris Collier Reply

Damn ! They actually have coffee this year. Something is definitely up. #7 maybe.

    David Gatzen Reply

    I thought that was funny when Zoe showed the coffee cups and said “We have some coffee here”. But, they didn’t actually drink any coffee during the video, so what’s the point? Maybe next week they will actually drink some coffee. And how do we know if they actually had coffee in the cups? The cups could have been empty! I slowed down the video when Zoe showed us the cups and could not tell if there was actually any coffee in the cups. This could be a new Patriots scandal, Coffee-Gate.

    JamesJamersonIsAGod Reply

    Hilarious that he makes a point to show the mug! Obviously the plethora of YouTube comments in the past got to them “where the fu$@@$! Is the coffee, yaarrgggahh!”

Henry Kaminski Reply

He is the Best Coach of all Time

    Bell Iron Fist Reply

    That’s right!

    Crow of Judgement Reply

    I dunno, I still think Paul Brown is. Definitely up there though.

True Pats fans Reply

Lmao imagine other coaches having coffee talking about how they torched your team

Blah Blah Reply

He didn’t quite bring the enthusiasm that the thumbnail promised me

    Bell Iron Fist Reply


    Cam Reply

    Blah Blah 0:33 I’ll take one laugh from bill

    David Marshall Reply

    Actually he did. Bill never laughs

El Vicitor Reply

What happened to the audio in the outro?😂

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

👍👍 🤞🤞

Big White Duck Reply

Trolling with the thumbnail lmao

Abhishek kumar Reply

Well, New to NFL here but this belichick guy looks very respected

deathsyth8888 Reply

“They played competitively in all three phases of the game.” You can’t say the same thing about the Steelers.

UsirRaMaroon Reply

Bill said They are a very good team that will play competitively in all 3 phases of the game before the game. I knew it was over…



Austin Ahern Reply

Nice win!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

D Mur Reply

Coffee! I watchee!

Dino Caprice Reply

Miami Is Ready For The Pats 👏🙌 Ready To Get Blowned Out Like Pittsburg 😭😂


When you know the plays that are going to be called , winning is easier.

    Eric Delisle Reply

    The other team being absolutely horrendous helps

Eric Delisle Reply

Love my pats’ coach, but holy crap does he look evil in the thumbnail lol

Thomas Kelly Reply

I know a lot of people dislike him lol mostly in New York but he is all class. Never will he disrespect an opposing team , player or coach

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