Bill Belichick on Le’veon Bell: “He is one of the top backs in the league” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dalton Crow

Yeah the patriots always have trouble with the jets😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    Aidan Pfeifer

    @mykal van horne I know we have a better team, but you can’t expect an easy win. No win in the NFL is easy, especially against a division rival, because they will be more determined to win. You can never overlook an opponent, which is one of the reasons why the Patriots are so good. They never look past an opponent, and they treat every game with the same importance every time.

    Sergio Terrero

    He said the same damn thing against the dolphins and look at the results

    Hung Pham

    Jet is the worst team….

    The Sze Progression

    Division games are tough across the board. You’re always gonna get their best shot. Well… usually.


    @Hung Pham miami is 10-102 in their last 2 games

P Pumpkin

The Pats never underestimate an opponent. That’s why you rarely see an upset.


    @Aaron Sowards To be fair to Mike he said pro bowl caliber players and coaches NOT pro bowlers.

    Evil Dax

    They underestimated the Giants in the Superbowl twice😂😂😂


    @Evil Dax I think that is why BB does not underestimate any team

    Coolio11 Jones

    P Pumpkin Yep they seem to be the only team that understands that everyone is a paid professional and has talent… 🤦🏾‍♂️

Ky Heeke

BB can make even the worst opposing teams sound good


    Be honest jets are just horrible.


    It’s called being professional and never underestimating your opponent


    im like “sure Bill. sure” 👌

    alejandro Adame

    Louie808z remember Mike Tomlin, when he literally skipped playing the Jags in the playoffs, calling the rematch against the Patriots, yara yara, only to lose against the Jags. Lol

    Coolio11 Jones

    Ky Heeke He is telling the truth every team is good in the NFL. Some have great records others have terrible records but they are NFL teams lol

Alex Snow

You hear him tell it it’s like the pats are facing a true Superbowl contender every week.


    for the Pats it basically is. and even when terrible teams are going balls to the wall it can lead to injuries.

    Greg Hansen

    And not to be a gloating Pat’s fan, but for most average to bad NFL teams, playing the Pats is their Superbowl. Every team brings their best when they have to play the Pats as it’s the closest thing most of them will get to the Post-Season.


    @Greg Hansen FitzyGFY did a spoof on the Lions last year to that point. Funny as hell

    idle W

    @snipe69 or to trade for them….or snatch them up during free agency😂


Mike Reiss has mastered the art of asking BB the right questions..His line of questions via always trying to get BB into teaching Mode..schemes… history of game…defence forces…

    Punka Pie

    I think Mike Reiss is the only guy from Espn I have any respect for.

    Greg Hansen

    @Punka Pie , and probably the only ESPN reporter BB respects as well.


Pats take no team lightly

    Day Be Trippin

    At all

    David Fahey

    never do that’s why their the best…😝…

Gabriel Anthony

Man! Listening to this guy talk about football, giving some insight into the way he processes information is absolutely fascinating. Helps to understand why they are soooooo good. He is a football savant. Straight out of the 1980s.

    Doug F.

    @Chris Gilligan Exactly. Which is why I don’t worry about the OL. Somehow, someway, the Patriots will find a way and when it is all over, what they have developed will look as if it was the way things should be.


    I honestly believe he is part Rainman, and part Bobby Fisher. I’ve seen him talking with retired players about plays they were involved in 20+ years ago, and the player that was there, will tilt their heads and look at him like “How T.F. do you remember THAT?!”
    And these were OPPOSING players, not guys he was coaching. Came across….a little creepy, tbh.

    Gabriel Anthony

    @snipe69 So you think he gets his underwear at Kmart?

    Gabriel Anthony

    Next time I see him in a store I’m going to drop a box of toothpicks and see if hes calculating.

    Greg Hansen

    @snipe69 Look into Ernie Adams… he is the true Rainman of football and one of BB’s friends since high school. He has a photographic memory of every football game he’s ever seen and he is on the Pat’s staff… I think his title is “director of football research”. It’s a fascinating story about his savant-like gifts and his friendship with BB. If you look closely at many shots of the Pat’s bench during games, you’ll see a phone clearly marked “Ernie” …he’s a football supercomputer.

Chris Gilligan

The level of detail that he goes into when good questions are asked is ridiculous. This guy understands the game and thinks the game at such a high level. In most cases the battle is over before they even hit the field. BB has planned for just about everything and has practiced it into his players what he wants them to execute both to stop the other team’s top producers as well as to create the right matchups on O. They not only practice their primary strategy – but they’ve already practiced what BB believes to be the most likely adjustments made by the other team. The guy is a walking football supercomputer.

Alan O

Holy crap…

    Gabriel Anthony

    That was definitely a little strange. Not one single Antonio Brown question. They fear him.


Wow, they actually asked some football questions and Bill answered them!

Nathan Greenwald

BB is a really underrated comedian. “It is always tough against the Jets.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Gates ENT

    Lol facts

kevin feola

Bill is the man I have tremendous amount of respect for him

Miguel Caban Jr

Bill can really talk his way into making you think the Jets are an NFL juggernaut 😂

Unknown Filmmaker

A lot of people in these comments don’t understand rule #1: Never underestimate your opponent. This is one of the reasons the Patriots are so consistently successful. So when Bill shows respect to the Jets, he is sincere, he is intelligent. As soon as you make assumptions and underestimate your opponents you are asking to lose because you aren’t just disrespecting them, you are , more importantly, disrespecting yourself.


Bill stop lying to this people… just say you going to drop 50 points!!😂😂😂

    Chris Conley

    I’m going to say he has forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know. Which makes me wonder what makes you qualified to say that he’s “lying”??

Aaron Sowards

This is on of the best conferences I’ve seen Bill do WOW


    Because he was asked relevant football questions


Bill Belichick knows your team better than you do XD

    juice dogg


The Sze Progression

The Jets are watching this video saying “Is reading our playbook or what?!”

Just Saying

It’s almost like the media is realizing they only have so many more years left to pick this guys brain and they’re asking him football questions.


    The media doesn’t care about football that way. They care about new things and crazy things. Think about all the people that tune in Sunday who don’t care about the details, but would be interested in AB drama

Nathaniel Kerns

This was by far the most educational BB press conference I have ever seen.

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