Bill Belichick: “Miami has some very good skill players” | Belestrator – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

That last time I was this early was never

Hornet Charge

Go New England Patriots

mike robidoux

never underestimate your opponent love it


Go patriots


Pats are the best


Bill belichick =big brain

Maurice Mallari

Bill Belichick what a genius! #LFG!

Kevin Pawl

Go pats!

Joseph Savoie

Love how he never underestimates an opponent. Look for the strengths of any team regardless the record to shut them down. GOAT coach.


    Its great how much respect he shows

Thor Valhalla

Belichick never underestimates his opponent. That being said, Patriots 56 – Dolphins 6.

    Enzo Gorlami

    How did we manage to give up six?

    Brandon Daniels

    @Enzo Gorlami 3 safeties _Kappa_

    kosi nba

    If you are confident you better be right

    Samuel Bishara


    Rogemille Castillo

    Get over yourself man! I’m a Pats fan but this is just stupid… We always struggle down there. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe we’ll win but not a blowout…

Eman Paul

35-10 PAT’S WIN

Artur Rofi

Coach Belichick sounds ready… Playing the dolphins is always a good division challenge & a good test to see how the Pats measure up in AFC East.

Thomas Kelly

Regardless of who they are playing belichick never gives the opponent bulletin board material

Enzo Gorlami

Over/under on how many snaps AB plays?

    Enki Ea



lol he does a good job of pretending they are a good team


We gotta big them up before we beat them down. 🤔😏

rich ernest

Only noise that will be made is early bus starts and fishes trying to swim away from embarrassing streams.Thanks Mr.Ross

nehe L

pats know they’re gonna mop the floor with the dolphins


Patriots will work hard for their win. The Dolphins are in turmoil but they’re still professionals.

Rogemille Castillo

The Sith Lord got this…

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