Bill Belichick: “Learn from the experience, know what you need to do and know how to improve it” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Nicholas DeGuisto Reply


Dark Star Reply

The future is bright

Nicholas DeGuisto Reply

Go patriots

Benedikt Fechter Reply

I swear to god Bill is hilarious in preseason interviews


I feel like we’re playing Kansas City.

    D.A.Y Reply

    We are…in December

Josh Simpson Reply

Ah the cheaters

    USA 1 thank you Reply


    D.A.Y Reply

    Ah, the typical haters

    Joe Maxfield Reply

    Goat Γ—2

    USA 1 thank you Reply

    yup @Joe Maxfield

    Kirk Moore Reply

    Josh Simpson
    And Barry Bonds never took any
    ‘roids, either….

Michael Connors Reply

For the third game in a row Your World Champion New England Patriots have unfinished business with the opponent. This Thursday it is the Carolina Panthers turn. Back on October 1, 2017 the Carolina Panthers beat YWCNEP 33-30. How dare they. That day Tom Brady had a 103.3 rating. YWCNEP are 72-5 since 2009 when Tom Brady has a QB rating of 103 or higher. It’s time for a beat down. Patriots–Revenge!

As for the practical side of the game. I want far fewer penalties. YWCNEP had 12 against both the Lions and the Titans. So what if YWCNEP are 9-3 in games since 2009 where the team had 10+ penalties. The three losses all came in games decided 10 points or less. The last one was that 17-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 16, 2018. YWCNEP had 14 penalties that day.

    Tomas Huerta Reply

    This is a good post.

P Pumpkin Reply

Bill usually likes to lose preseason games. I get worried if we win.

    Nick ______ Reply

    I would rather go in underdogs, they play better. But the team is stacked this year lol

    SuperWhiteshadow1 Reply

    nahhh, I think Stidham is more than people think. Stidham has been finishing games.

    Steffen Samlal Reply

    P Pumpkin this is another undefeated season

Fredrick Kidd Reply

The haters area blinded by the bling of all those rings.

Russ Hartman Reply

BB has the “Patience of Job” having to field these absolutely inane questions of these “Jock Sniffers” on a daily basis.
These people are truly the lowest wrung on the ladder.
Could you even imagine hiring any one of them to spread bark-mulch in your garden?

    Jay Bailey Reply

    “These people are truly the lowest wrung on the ladder.”

    Well, they are journalists, so maybe most of them can spell “rung” and know that “wrung” is the past tense of “wring” and has nothing to do with ladders. However, maybe someone will hire you to spread bark mulch. You are correct about one thing, most of the questions are inane.

    Russ Hartman Reply

    @Jay Bailey Good for you, you are smarter than most, for recognizing the obvious.
    I speak in multiple-layered analogies……maybe you can noodle-out that one without me having to explain it to you.
    Somehow I doubt it.

Nick ______ Reply

Oh sht Bill is smiling. The league must be watching terrifiedπŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’…wow took a while to type all those rings

Golden nugget of wisdom Reply

I bet Bill cuts the necks of his sweaters himself. Everything is on purpose and he wants to project a worked in, ruff and ready, appearance and demeanour. I could be full of it but how does ur sweater get like that lol?

Tomas Huerta Reply

How will Josh Gordon be used now that he’s available? Mind giving us his anticipated routes by down and distance or game situation?

Bryan G Reply

just curieus… lmao

Tyron Pouncey Reply

Bill in mid season form with these press conferences 🀣🀣🀣🀣

Kirk Moore Reply

Once again, Eric Mangini is impressed with the great camerawork by the pros on the Patriots crew! Spectacular shots, you can see the wrinkles in Bill’s forehead!

    Frank Lyons Reply

    Eric “loser” Vagina

Elijah Ward Reply

Bill and pop would be great drill sargents in the millitary

Dwight Lyon Reply

Are some of these reporters totally new to BB’s news conferences? Makes me laugh. He will only tell you what he wants to no matter how you badger him!

Co Co Reply


Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Bill, you have this very kindly formulated that the people from overseas, europe etc … are not different in the lockerroom, as there are already “different characters” there.
thanks, that was – diplomacy at a high level -, again.
Good Luck!

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