Bill Belichick: “It’s good to see us making progress each end every day.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chantelle J.

Already so this but ok thanks 😐🤔😎

Blitz for six Productions

Bill belichick = greatest coach of all time

    Blitz for six Productions

    Michael Murphy why?

    son dang

    @Jonathan Cookson 8 times

    Michael Murphy

    @Blitz for six Productions Because now it’s time to get #7!!!!!!!!!

    Blitz for six Productions

    Michael Murphy you can say that again!!

    Jamey Cockrell

    In any sport most likely

Jonathan Cookson

Thar’s very good for us New England Patriots fans, we’ll be in another Super Bowl this season and will take our 7th trophy home to New England!!!!!!!!!

    Kern Albert

    @David I mean Jules and High and Chung being FOUR time Super Bowl Champs would be pretty effin’ sweet. Ah GODDAMN it, I just got a boner for seven! GO PATS!!!!! LET’S GOOO!

    Michael Murphy

    @Kern Albert if you count postseason Brady has more TD passes than Brees

    Kern Albert


    More passing yards as well but the NFL doesn’t count post season as a combined stat…

    Michael Murphy

    @Kern Albert Yards is meaningless, especially when you consider that Brees piled up a lot in garbage-time while losing. Meanwhile, Brady & Co. are running the ball in the 4thQ because they are usually ahead.

    Kern Albert

    Whatever. So it makes it even a greater accomplishment if he has the yards title too is all you’re really saying. It’s the same argument for his rushing over a thousand even though he has a ton of kneel-downs; makes it more impressive.

Bishara First

Go Pats! From New Zealand.

    David Sabillon

    Hello! Thanks for supporting the greatest NFL team ever!

    Thelonius 84

    New England*

    Martin Goodef'

    Yo cuzzy, feeling you from Thailand. Greatest team ever, Coach in the same vein as Wayne Bennett in Rugby League.

The Dynasty Continues

I will never get tired of listening to this wise man speak. So lucky to have him. Hope u have a great summer coach.

    Joseph Lauren

    He gives great LONG answers to intelligent questions. The problem is that Sports Media are full of meat-heads and basic thinkers who usually ask “talk about X” questions that show no insight.

Ayy Lmao

cant wait till season ):


Each and*** every day. Jesus.


So refreshing to see and hear him again. ☺

David Sabillon

This is the happiest I’ve seen Bill at camp. He’s practically glowing.


Year after year, week after week, day after day, press conference after press conference, it’s always the same question & same answer:

Reporter: _”Bill, would you say something sensational for us?”_
BB: _”No.”_

Nick18 M

Let’s repeat. First team since the 04 pats

Aris Young

Bills in a GOOD mood NOW because New England hasn’t LOST a GAME YET!

Charly Gr. v.L.

A GOOD start for 2019-season

Randy Randalman

Note to reporters – the longer your question, the shorter the response will be from Belichick

chuck jones

His responses to the media are like carefully planned military assaults. There will never, ever, ever be another coach like coach Belichick.


I could listen to Bill Talk about punts all day


Each AND every day. “End” makes 0 sense.


I believe you’ve misquoted him in the title video there.

Gerardo Rodriguez

What this means is #7 is on its way 🤣 GO PAT’S!!!!


Is it normal for Belichick to sway back and forth like that?

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