Bill Belichick: “It’s good to get things flowing” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tony Villa

Great game

Robert Wright

Are you ready for some football!!!!!

- Blythe

Uh oh; Bill starting it off with a little flash. Love the jacket.
Go Pats.


We gonna ignore the fact that Coach B is wearing a suit???


    He always wants to wear suits. The fact that he wears those raggedy sweat shirts is actually a protest against the NFL. The NFL signed an endorsement deal with Reebok, which stipulated all the coaching staff on the sidelines have to wear Reebok brand clothing. So Belichick purposefully wears crappy looking Reebok sweat shirts because he isn’t allowed to wear a suit.


    Oh that hoodie is underneath

Josh Hagler

Damn bill nice suit!

Kirk Moore

Excellent video. Kudos to the highly trained cameraman!


Looking snazzy Coach

Big White Duck

When you have a press conference at 7 but reservations at 7:30

James Willey

I’ve seen Bill Belichick in a suit before however, who snapped blue chalk lines on his blazer? He used to wear sleeveless sweaters and t-shirts, hoodies. ever since he’s been dating that new love, I think she’s been dressing him, overdressing him sorry coach I love you man but that Blazer got to go especially with the Church of Latter-day Saints outfit underneath it. Haha not hating I love some coach Belichick.

John D.

Linda picked out that jacket. I prefer the hoodie

Mason King

Bill out here like it’s after 10 so technically I’m a pimp now, can we move this along

    juice dogg



Belichick out here dressed like a pimp at church.

Jason-doc- Holiday

Whats coach wearing ok coach lol


Bill burn that suit lol

S Rennie

Coach be stylin’!

Alex A

Bill looking youthful at 67

    Joseph Smith

    Like Tom Brady at 42

Charly Gr. v.L.

Let’s go, Bill – do your JOB (again) –

Keith Brundage

Bill Belichick = Greatest Coach Ever!!


As Freddy Prinze used to say On ‘Chico and the Man’ …… “LOOOOOKING GOODDD” BILL!! Cow}:-o)

Stal Zemsty

That’s a HORRIBLE suit. What is he? Shannon Sharp all of a sudden?

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