Bill Belichick Impressed w/ Rookie Daniel Jones | Coffee with the Coach – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tim Sigler



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    Shaun Richards

    @Tazer183 first Patriots suck

    jack mitchell

    Shaun Richards ur mom

    jack mitchell

    Shaun Richards ur aunt

    jack mitchell

    Shaun Richards ur grandma

Branko Mitić

He is obviously willing to talk when questions aren’t stupid.


    And Smile 😛

    Dev Patel

    Branko Mitić yup love my
    Coach 💙❤️


    Wouldn’t you be, too if you had to answer a bunch of stupid questions the sports reporters ask after each game regardless if it’s a win or loss?!

    Dev Patel

    NYG1991 the reported usually ask good questions and I would answer nicely most of the time not vaguely

James Curtis

Pre-season is nearly over and we are going to have to play real teams who are trying for a play off spot.


    Really made me laugh there, cause its so true! Pre-season will clench us the bye and home field advantage.

    Supreme Eddy777

    Keep sleeping on the Giants

    James Curtis

    @Supreme Eddy777 The Patriots never sleep on anyone, they just come to play. What happened last Sunday?

tree trunks

Should I make some coffee right now coach?


Coach is so cute <3

Enzo Gorlami

Zo keeps emphasizing coffee but you’ll never see either one take a sip

Psycho Logical

Belichick: Daniel Jones is the best QB we ever faced…its gonna be an extreme challenge for us on all 3 phases of the game.

    Dev Patel

    Psycho Logical that’s how bill be like 😂❤️💙

    Psycho Logical

    @Dev Patel lmao I love it man BB the 🐐

    Dev Patel

    Psycho Logical ❤️💙🐐 indeed 7th coming

Austin Ahern

Let’s keep it rolling!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Psycho Logical

When we actually play a good opponent Belichick will say eh its nothing we haven’t seen before, they play zone and we should be able to move the ball pretty easily….reverse psychology works every time

rich ernest

Pride and passion, defensive coaching dynasty.

Michael Connors

The Coach has that wild eyed look. He knows.


The Redskins game seeming like a home game is Belichick and Brady getting the respect they deserve after 3 consecutive Super Bowl appearances. Plus the 31-point comeback from 3-28 to 34-28 in Super Bowl 51 has cemented the Brady legacy. Soon, every game will seem like a home game until off course Brady retires.

Joshua Smith

I’m a Chiefs fan but I have always been amazed at Bill. It’s so exciting to watch the GOAT at work

br 1251

Bill “Billy goat” Belichik

Peter Caruso

If anyone’s going to the game tomorrow night. Do me a huge favor. Boo Daniel Jones!

    McKenzie Ramirez



    For what reason?!

    Peter Caruso

    NYG1991 just to help the pats win and help the giants loose

Charly Gr. v.L.

“A lot of coffee this week” ….😉
For us also because of the time difference we have already switched to the strongest espresso …. 😇 👍👍

anthony o'sullivan

Zolak biggest dbag of all time

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