Bill Belichick: “I’m proud of the way the guys prepared this week” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


As of oct 6, 2019


    They’ve been trash since the 90’s


“Bless you” – BiLl HaTeS tHe RePoRtErS

Shane Bowles

Bills a little heavy with the lip smacking today

    April Aubrey

    Shane Bowles hahahahaha

JSway Fitness & Nutrition

We’re on to the giants !!

    Timothy Goodwyn

    Pats bout to smack them down as well

    Austin Madore

    Timothy Goodwyn such stiff competition

    Paul Fearon

    Austin Madore not really. But we beat stiff competition every year. playoffs, and the best the nfc has to offer in the super bowl 6 times. Those giants losses really hurt but you can win them all. especially when you go so often. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

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i love the way Bill says “blow me” without saying “blow me”

    brady chick

    Me too.😁

Greg P

Bill can say so little with so many words, Billy the GOAT

nate stroh

The subtle “bless you” is classic

Timothy Goodwyn

We all my Pats fans at

    brady chick

    Where? We are right here.Bye Redskins😁

    Timothy Goodwyn

    @brady chick My stupid Autocorrect I meant was where but anyways Go Pats!

    brady chick

    @Timothy Goodwyn Mine does the same thing.And Yes,Go Patriots 🐐

Jason Stauffer

“Brady threw an interception. Will you be evaluating the QB position this week?”

    Jus Josh

    Jason Stauffer

    I hate reporters sometimes 🤦🏻‍♂️ smh lol

    Thanos Etsitty

    Yeah, we’re gonna trade Brady to the redskins.



Captain America America

Enjoy His Greatness! He’ll retire one day. Can’t be replaced ever

    Nicolas Sproge

    His son lol. He can definitely replace him. I’ve got high hope for him.

    Captain America America

    @Nicolas Sproge no.

    Bonny Adams

    @Nicolas Sproge No way! Bill and Brady will NEVER BE REPLACED

    F L

    @Bonny Adams old saying; but name a more dynamic duo 💯

    Bonny Adams

    @F L It’s the best duo of all time..hands down

Jus Josh

Boy do we need to fix this O-Line tho 🤦🏻‍♂️ lol

    justin kongolo

    Jus Josh lots of injuries😪

    The Barking Crab

    Jus Josh yea O-Line is gonna be a huge problem when Pats start facing teams with really good offenses

    Nick ______

    Ehh just teach em up by december. Not too much to worry about with the softer schedule this year. Every teams got injuries by now.

Kristen JustKristen

Lombardi trophy?? Nah, more like the Belichick trophy. Dudes the goat.

    Timothy Goodwyn

    Pats gonna annihilate the Giants TNF got my 🍿ready for this one, we almost bout to be 6-0

    Kristen JustKristen

    @Timothy Goodwyn Yea, the more I watched the giants last couple games, the more confident I am that NE can and will stomp them like the rest. I just HATE them lol. They always have been a thorn in the side.


    Extremely bizarre and off-topic… but I legit just read your comment on a Key and Peele video you posted a couple days ago LOL. We must have the same recommended <3

    Kristen JustKristen

    @ThaProphet007 Haha!! Yep, love some old school Key&Peele!! That’s awesome u saw it tho!! We’ll have 2 revisit this comment when the Pats get #7. 😁😀


    @Kristen JustKristen You are an e-dream come true ;). #7 babayyyyyy let’s get it!


19-0 love you coach <3


“Played OK on defense.” Those 7 points really bringing up the points allowed average…


    Astraay but actually yes

    Shawn Greene

    I have to be happy with just the win but I feel like we should be pitching shutouts. The defense is playing that good


New kicker and still missed PATs!
But I’m good with a “W”…..👍


5-0 and no hint of a smile from the Hooded One. He will smile though. You just have to wait until he wins the Super Bowl and that next ring.

    Jonathan McCully

    Yeah, he will smile for 5 seconds then it’ll be onto the next year.

    F L

    He had a slight smirk when talking about the fans

Charly Gr. v.L.

Respect for the whole team Bill, thanks

Jonathan McCully

Patriots win 63-0:

Belichick: I felt we played well enough to win. Definitely some things we can work on and get better. We’ll take it one day at a time and try to improve in those areas.

Russ Hartman

20 points allowed by this “D” in 5 games!
Simply stunning!!

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