Bill Belichick: “Everyday’s an opportunity for all of us to get better” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Angel Magallon


Poke the Bear

Hope it’s coming together nicely



Michael Connors

Your World Champion New England Patriots have a .603 probability of beating the Titans on Saturday Night. Predicted 11 win teams on the road have .603 probability of beating 8 home teams. Formula to predict number of wins ((PF^EXP)/(PF^EXP+PA^EXP))*16 where the exponent is EXP = 1.5*LOG((PF+PA)/16). Formula for predicting the probability of the win of an 11 win road team against an 8 win home team p(Team A Win) = ((Team A true_win%) * (1 – Team B true_win%) * HFA)/((Team A true_win%) * (1 – Team B true_win%) * HFA +(1 – Team A true_win%) * (Team B true_win%) * (1 – HFA)) HFA is home field advantage or .570. True Wins adds 11 games with 5.5 wins to actual games and wins.

    Robbie Hobbs

    I 100% agree

    Michael Connors

    @Robbie Hobbs I have a sneaky feeling that we’ll see on Saturday night another beat down like the one Detroit got last Thursday.

    Robbie Hobbs

    @Michael Connors I sure hope so

Nicholas DeGuisto



I feel like we’re playing Kansas City.

Charly Gr. v.L.

…… 👍
Every day has its challenges to be better …

Christ Harding

Pats Nation

Kyle Marini

Pats nation were u at

    Tony Scott


Jerry Berry

We’re going at least 12-4 at this rate… plus playoffs again for sure

Jordan Bean

“We need to get better offensively,Defensively and on special teams.”


    No one says that with a straight face better than Bill. I’m surprised he’s never said “We need to try to have more points than the other team at the end of each game”/

Joshua Lewis

Bill has won super bowls. That’s small potatoes. Going undefeated is the only thing he has left to accomplish

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