Bill Belichick Breaks Down Justin Fields and the Bears Before Week 7 | Belestrator – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick Breaks Down Justin Fields and the Bears Before Week 7 | Belestrator

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Scott Zolak break down the Chicago Bears’ Khalil Herbert, David Montgomery, and Justin Fields on this episode of the Belestrator.

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Max hill

Justin fields is a super star

    𝓢𝓮𝓽𝓱 𝓽𝓾𝓫𝓮™

    No he’s not he’s washed 🗿💀

    Yu Toob

    In the making, yes

    zazie da beast

    ​@𝓢𝓮𝓽𝓱 𝓽𝓾𝓫𝓮™ you sound slow

Danny Suitum

all the love for what zappe’s been doing but this could be really good game for mac to come back on. Offense is finally in a rhythm schematically and guys are starting to get healthy. Also going against the qb drafted right before him could be a little extra juice along with the fire that zappe lit under him


    I just kinda feel bad for him because you know he’s gonna be a a super short leash with how Bailey’s been playing. If he starts playing like he was earlier it could get ugly. Hope he does good I like Mac.


    Offense is in rhythm because of zappe

    Lord Of Faiyum

    @JDMmike Mac is soft. Zappe looks way better. I been watching football 40 years and I know what I see. If Mac can’t use those TE he should not start over Zappe period.


    Zappe is the man for the job!

Deborah Tatum

Yes ❤❤❤❤

Max hill

Bears win


    Couldn’t beat commanders u think u can beat pats😂



    Original Juice

    @OhYeaYea that’s the NFL this year not much makes sense lol I wouldn’t be surprised. this game could go either way, might be closer than you’d expect

    go bears

    @Aaron Nixon go bears

    Aaron Nixon

    @go bears get out prediction Patriots 29-3 win baby

Yu Toob

Fields has super hero speed

An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

The bears have a surprisingly good pass defense and pass rush. This won’t be the cakewalk a lot of people seem to think it will be. Their offense is unbelievably bad, so the defense should carry us through. I still think our offense is an illusion caused by their lack of competition, not driven by some profound schematic fix that just happens to coincide with playing the 2 worst defenses in the NFL who were also missing their top cornerbacks. It’s going to be an ugly game folks.

    Mustache D. Luffy

    Surprisingly good when that the only position they’ve been drafting

    Hugh Dunbar

    Bears pass rush is weak. DB’s are pretty good. Weak on run D too. Not sure how the Bears win this one.


    It’s a sliding scale, either front is good and back is bad or vice-versa

ryan williams

Bill is so funny when hes trying to pretend his opponent is so awesome (when no one in the league thinks so)..

    Law 2612

    Bill don’t care what people in the league think … he knows football their strengths and weaknesses


    The rumor was before the draft that he wanted Fields.
    Fields on the Patriots would have been a Super Bowl Run within 3 years.

Vincent Bernal

I wish the chicago bears channel had the coach do some film review videos. That channel barely shows football videos.

    Original Juice

    I do too, but I keep remembering that they’re barely a real NFL football team


    @Original Juice durrrrr


Should be good game. 🐻⬇️

Lord Of Faiyum

If Mac does not use his TE’s that is a problem. Simple. he uses them or play B Zap.

Lord Of Faiyum

Fields has no O line and is being wasted.

John Frank

Seems like bill wanted fields instead of Mac

    Brad Bunker

    LOL definitely not. Where did you pick up that idea


One of the best short clips. Coach gives a generic look at opponents, explaining their good points. He does not give away any state secrets or tip his hand. Thanks.

C Frahmy

Bears fan here. Should be a great game.

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