Bill Belichick: “Adam Gase is a very good coach” | Coffee with the Coach – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick: “Adam Gase is a very good coach” | Coffee with the Coach

In this week's edition of Coffee with the Coach, Scott Zolak and Coach Belichick discuss moments from last week's game against the Dolphins, the arrival of offensive tackle Marshall Newhouse, as well as facing the Jets head coach Adam Gase this Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

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travel er Reply

First comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME💝

    NFLDFS Payback TV Reply

    travel er likewise do the same I just did

John Conor Reply

I’ve been watching this show for a very long time and this is the first time I see coffee cup on table. Go Pats

    SuperNeutral Reply

    The future is here!

NFLDFS Payback TV Reply

Yea and the dolphins were full of great players too huh coach lol pats win in a close one

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Elijah Ward Reply

Now Bill should give Antonio gates a call

N. W. Dood Reply

LMAO!!! Good one, coach

P Pumpkin Reply

TV’s won’t like the canopies. Newhouse comes the Patriots suddendly he’s a great player.

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Newhouse was horrible last week. Wym

Vic Always Reply

BRING GRONK BACK !!! For the Love of God….WHATEVER IT TAKES….Get Gronk Back NOW !!! And PLEASE MAX PROTECT BRADY THIS WEEK !! NO NEED to win 100-6 ….get the damn lead and RUN…STOP risking Brady for nothing !!!

    Doug F. Reply

    He’s NOT coming back ,and most certainly not this year. He got banged up big time and he was smart to get out before he couldn’t move without pain.

    Michael Reply

    So he can give his brain more trauma and body more injuries that he already has? He may well have serious CTE in 20 or 30 years

    Vic Always Reply

    @Michael Bruh Gronk became a millionaire by giving his body UP to PLAY.I don’t wanna hear sob stories about Gronk….His Life is defined by Football…NO ONE will give a squat about Gronk for CBD lolol gimme a break…He belongs on the field WITH Brady…Football is Gronk’s reason to LIVE…without it he may as well be dead….truth.

    BeaterWRX Reply

    @Vic Always You underestimate how absurdly obsessed people are with CBD. He’ll probably make more slanging snake oil than playing football.

snipe69 Reply

LOL, Bill is the only one showing any respect to the Jets. Even the Jets fans are like “We’re fooked”

Jomarie Ylgago Reply

He sucks coach cmon lol

SupahFans Streetwear Reply

#CanopyGate started in Miami Sept 15, 2019

    Isaiah Richardson Reply

    Lmfaoo foreal🤣🤣🤣

Enzo Gorlami Reply

Guarantee those coffee cups are empty

Frank Lyons Reply

Adam Gase is 23-28 lifetime as an NFL head coach……love you Bill….but Gase is NOT a good coach.

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Bill doesn’t look down on his opponents

The GOAT Reply

They never drank the coffee huh?

#1 Thunder Fan Reply

I mean if the 🐐 said it….

Austin Ahern Reply

Let’s go Patriots!!!

SRL Reply

Said no one ever. Come on Bill

SuperNeutral Reply


Shawn Reply

Yeah so Adam’s just like Miami same stuff right yep so he’s a good coach… True meaning, we’re going to eat these fuckers up like we ate up Miami!!

Shawn Reply

They should just change the name to conversation with the coach.

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