Big Guys in a Benz: Aaron Lynch – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emperor Penguin

Aaron is a THICC BOI


The bears season is over


    AGK927 Bandwagon fan

    OG Skywalker

    Lmao dude the bills are also 4-1 you think that shits gonna last forever you guys are the same team as always you’ll make it to the playoffs and then choke and become a doormat idk why the nfl waste there time trying to push you guys as contenders when all y’all do is fold. You got a so called goat in the drivers seat and can only come up with 1 ring and we won the division that year lol you guys are all hype always have been were 3-2 last year we were 3-3

    Adam Patel

    AGK927 Packers are still trash. Haven’t faced anyone good. And when they did…they lost.




Metabolism man! 😂

isaac marcus

Dan Hampton 2.0 🐻⬇🏈💯


Spice is slimming down

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