Between The Lines: Minnesota Vikings 34, Oakland Raiders 14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Vikings all the way

Joshua Cortez

I was at today’s game happy we took a w


    I was at the dolphins game last season, the Vikings won 41-17, my throat was sore for 2 days

    Karthik Bobba

    But can’t take dubs on my packers can you

    Kh Fan

    Karthik Bobba trash packers fan lurking on a Vikings YouTube video, nothing new.

    Karthik Bobba

    @Kh Fan still cant answer back, so your just admitting the vikes suck.

NFL Insider

If the line can hold the bears pass rush then ik we’re good


    NFL Insider that’s an absolute huge if. We won’t. I can promise on anything they will get as much pressure as they want just like Green Bay did. We have the second to worst rated offensive line. We aren’t going to suddenly get better unless we get different players

    Brass Boy

    BaronVonBielski do you realize dalvin cooks is a monster.

Ryan Damon

Shout out Paul Allen and Mike wobschall 💜💜💜💛💛💛

Kinley Freese

Why wasn’t the rookie tight end who had the most receiving yards mentioned. Irv Smith jr had a phenomenal game good for him

    Dale Anderson

    About time they threw to him.


    Dale Anderson as the team has said, they took what the defense gave. They aren’t just ignoring him. Oh and tight ends never play much their first few years. Everyone knows that.


    Irv had a great game it was awesome to see him making an impact in our offense.

    Dale Anderson

    @BaronVonBielski he’s better than Rudolph now, stupid to waste his talent


Amir Abdullah been great for us too on Special Teams! For those of you who have been paying attention

    rye rye

    Absolutely correct!!


    can someone tell me why Beebe is the guy catching when Ameer proved to be better on that? So he can improve on catching?

Tee Moncrief

Dalvin and defense Skol !!! Irv Smith 👀

    aaron afre

    Screens will be paramount once the play action gets old I guess




    not much pressure there but w/e… anyway we faced the raiders, need to beat the bears and try not to suck like always at Chicago

Bailey Fletcher

If the Vikings D can be good against the bears and Kirk can be decent then I think we can beat the bears

Skoldier Soup

PA’s energy for this team is UNRIVALED!


Not a single sack taken on Kirk cousins! Great job oline!


    RTurtle the raiders don’t have a defensive line. Not something to be proud of. We still have the second to worst offensive line and Kirk is still the most pressured QB by over 20 percent and we haven’t really faced a good defensive line. Just like last year our o line was decent against awful teams and are awful against good teams. Hasn’t changed.


    BaronVonBielski still, fine improvement on it

Andrew Smith

I know it’s only Oakland but still a good win! SKOL!!!

Adam Johnson

Quit grabbing hands on the victory high-five 😂😂😂

    Alex Konz

    Serious, just high five like regular dudes do


    Makes me cringe everytime they do it


    Before you know it they’re gonna do victory kisses

    Alex Konz


    Adam Johnson

    @Ammanuel agreed hahaha

Skol Nation

Boys I’m going into enemy territory at the VIKES vs. Boys game wish me luck



I like the grabbing hands on the victory hi five! It’s like saying great game today… and let’s hold on for great game next week!

Dale Anderson

The bears are a tall order compared to the lowly raiders. I think cook’s 3 100 yard rushing game streak ends in Chicago.

    Alex Konz

    You may be correct, but I hope that’s not the case next Sunday. Will be a good test for this team any way you cut it though

Rich Gall

Wobby’s looking hot with the Pocket Square. PA – take a note. Get thee to a haberdashery. Might I recommend Milburns in St. Paul. They’ve always set me straight.

REAl REAction

Saw you out there CJ Ham. Good job bro


Sad reality is the only way this team will lose any games is if the QB screws up. I still believe we should’ve kept Keenum.



George Jefferson

This team isn’t nearly as bad as people thought, everyone just needed to calm down

Jim Mski

Let’s not forget that Oakland did not show up yesterday.

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