Between The Lines: Minnesota Vikings 28, New York Giants 10 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
DadsLife 209

About time you trusted your receivers, kirk. Skol

ryan damon

Congratulations to VIKINGS πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›


I just watched Ben Leber’s gram video lol. 😁 Skol.

Plus 2 Renegade

lol at Paul Allen “BYYYYE”

Orbitz _

Good to get a road win under our belt

    Stacey Pool

    Against a bad team.


    Yes, lets go one game at a time!

Fred smith

I loved the first play, Kirk Cousins bootleg for a 4-yard run! Yeah I know it was only 4 yards, but what it did was slow down the defense man that is responsible for the bootleg, forcing him to protect the edge! I think they should have done I’d like 2 other times during the game, passing on at least one of them, to keep the defender on the receiver a little longer giving more yards to run without taking a hit!

John Ward

Wobby is mad that PA said β€œGo Twins!”

Yankees fan

Skoldier Soup

This is how we need to play every gameday!! SKOL

    Andrew K

    @Get Money Probably a fake fan from our 2017 run, I’m guessing.

    Skoldier Soup

    @Andrew K truth is I’m a bigger and longer term fan than you.

    Andrew K

    @Skoldier Soup I have been fan since 97′

    Andrew K

    @Skoldier Soup I could tell you every QB we’ve had the last 20 years. Terrible times with Culpeper, Ponder, Matt Cassal…

FakeUser NameTwo

So we all knew the game would be a win. I saw the game as a confidence booster for the passing game because the Vikings haven’t heavily passed since last season.

Adam Johnson

That hand-grabbing stuff at the end isnt a high five..and also not very Viking-like

Wally Tverstol



Way to respond team. Winning cures everything. SKOL!


Ifeadi is going to be a stud in the NFL. He is flying all over the field. SKOL!

Sead Hotic

Dont be stupid win in new york thats not tim next sonda philly in town u can play

Jacob Bastian

Game coulda been 50-10 if we wanted

    AD T

    Zimmer’s conservative tactics


Damn Don’t forget the WOLVES!! And the Energy at the Target Center! SKOL VIKES!!


    You remember the Wolves? Jk. Layman was a great get, dude catches Fire from deep nightly(if given sufficient mins,btw) & can touch his head on the rafters…I was irrationally pissed when I heard Jake Slayman was leaving RipCity…kinda still am. Have a good season!


    b80 thanks I think it will be an excellent fit and Portland is a surefire playoff lock yearly and y’all made some good additions also , interesting season ahead.


Notice how when we win a game everyone loves kirk but then when we lose nobody likes him and its his fault

They aint true fans

    Martin Schmidt


    Joey a

    I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not exactly like he’s that consistent of a player. Plenty of QBs play well in both wins and defeats. Hopefully this game is the confidence booster that raises Kirk’s game against the eagles.


    @Joey a Yeah I know that, but either way I think we should stay positive and move on, we dont have to bash kirk on everything, how about we bash our O Line because they let kirk get sacked a bunch or something like that?

Joey a

We really needed a good game like this.


Everyone needs to ride and whip Cousins like a donkey because he only responds to that

Gage Bergman

Is that leber hanging out in the back?πŸ˜‚

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