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Luis Galvez

Josh Jacobs is gonna be a problem!


    It’s preseason bro even as a raiders fan it was legit a few drives. I get the optimism but I’ve been a fan for years so i know to wait until i see it when it counts.

    Raider nation#R.I.P AL

    @isaaclikesturtles true but this the best preseason game the raider had n the last 5 years I’m looking at execution n how fast the raiders playing but I get what u saying

    Go Buccaneers

    Got him on my fanasty team hopefully he’s a beast

    Luis Galvez

    @isaaclikesturtles true its preseason but you cant teach the vision Jacob’s has in the backfield. He displayed vision and patience in that small sample.

Akshaj Bharadwaj

You know the play is good when the cameraman is faked out

    Augford P. Doggie

    you know the play is good when Akshaj Bharawadaj takes time to comment on how good the play was

Ka kjj

Do more of theses nfl


Josh Jacobs looks like the real deal.

    Bad Cornflakes

    Glad my team has him and not Kyler Murray

I’m really excited for Josh Jacobs and N’keal Harry

TX Boi

Lol alright I want you to look at the tackler on the thumbnail of this video, how’d he end up in that position lol??

    Terrick Eng

    TX Boi ikr

    Nunya Bidness

    That’s Chandler Jones😭😭😭

    Rowdy Jr.

    Chandler grabbing his nuts. 😆😂💀 Smh….

    yung Burnt out

    idk look like he bracing his fall an tryna tackle at the same time

Ratt Salad

What, no Ryan Finley?

    Brian McIntyre

    Ratt Salad I guess throwing 2 touchdowns isn’t that impressive?

    Tony’s Cowboy Show

    Finley took the game over

    Ephraim Wimberly

    This is based on popularity

    Dr Swagalicious

    They put Kyler Murray’s 4 yard scamper and Justice Hill losing yards but leave out the guy that threw 2 TD’s

    Ephraim Wimberly

    Yeah, finley has outperformed every rookie qb so far.

Luis_Is _Goated

I knew that josh Jacobs kid was gonna be amazing


    I’m a raider fan but please calm down it was one drive lol

    raider nation

    He is


Uhhhhh what about Andy Isabella’s touchdown catch?

    Joshua Carlos

    He beat like the 4th string cornerback but man that dude has some speed. Even Larry Fitzgerald likes him.

    Ephraim Wimberly

    And Ryan Finley

Mr. Spoon

Did… did you just include Justice Hill getting smothered as highlights?

    Paxio Evan

    Must have mixed it up with the good first down run he had


    Was that not Gary that made the tackle

    Paxio Evan

    @Chief Their 7th round pick this year (Ty Summers #44) and their 7th round pick last year (James Looney #99) combined for the tackle. Nice.


    Paxio Evan where is Gary ? Is he hurt ?

vIQtory Sports

Josh Jacobs looked awesome Also that throw in the pocket by Haskins 🔥


That kyler Murray 1 yard run highlight

    Tony’s Cowboy Show

    Ya just because of the name they threw him in there 😂🤣

    Mr.Woo Woo

    @Tony’s Cowboy Show Just commented the same thing… he’s suspect!

    Jp Thabeast

    He best get used to that if they don’t fix this oline kyler going back to playing baseball 😂


    To be fair, they are showing how he is going to survive the year. 1 good draft can take him from surviving to thriving.

507 Performance

Midget Murry looking like a bust

    Boruto Uzumaki


Geoff Thompson

2 more weeks of pre-season until the start of the NFL season.

Its Tabasko

Murray looks trash and the o-line can’t block!!

Shewless 11

Lol put In kyler Murray running for 4 yards. But not Andy Isabella’s 59 yard touchdown catch.


They didn’t include any of the actually good plays

Jason Wheel

Best Rookie Plays:
Shows Justice Hill getting tackled for a loss twice in a row

    Clayton Johnson

    by a rookie…


Dwayne Haskins did that on a 3rd and 8 too. Love it.

Derek Savage

RENAME THIS VIDEO “Best plays from OFFENSIVE rookies from Preseason Week 2 thus far”

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