Best Rookie Plays Preseason Week 3 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mariana Garcia Reply

6:01 still HUMBLE OF THAT INT! 🔥

Coop Reply

Deebo Samuel is going to be a problem in this league

Thanks for all the likes btw

    Corey Worthy Reply

    Coop 19 of them.

    Tahji Smith Reply

    @Ace The hooligan hater

    Tahji Smith Reply

    @Trent Blanch we lost at best 6 games last year by touchdown or less. And our whole starting O and D was injured. So really ask yourself, A healthy 49ers. PROBLEMS !!!!

    Trent Blanch Reply

    @Tahji Smith Oh what was that? I couldn’t hear you over that losing season you guys are building over there.

gamemaster gary Reply

i was skeptical of Deebo but he looks legit I had no clue he was so fast.

    C D Reply

    gamemaster gary he had a ton of kick returns for TDs in college.

    mickeal wise Reply

    Deebo has been a beast since he step on the field at South Carolina. If he can stay healthy he will be a pro bowler

Red panda A Reply

Josh Rosen is NOT a rookie

    Сергеи Бороздин Reply

    YøøFãvv Will Reply

    Red panda A First 4 years all 4 are rookie years … Rookie contract

    Woman Reply

    @YøøFãvv Will When the NFL says Rookie, they mean first years. Nobody even mentioned the contract. And if you watch the video you’ll see a pattern… All the plays are made by rookies.

    YøøFãvv Will Reply

    Woman he said Josh Rosen isn’t a rookie and if you were paying attention i said something about contracts because josh is still under a rookie contract

Dean Wald Reply

Deabo Samuel has got some wheelz

Super Happy Fun Times Reply

Where is Darrius Shepard’s plays? Undrafted rookies been making plays since day 1…

Paul K Reply

Mecole Hardman? Darwin Thompson? hello??!! your list is a bit skimpy on the “rookies” part.


    Lol let them sleep bro

2 GuD Reply

Wtf!?!?!? What about Brian Burns 2 sack game this week? He already has 4 sacks already if this was regular season

    Smack Ish Reply

    If it was regular season he would t have that much

    FlyingHellFish99 Reply

    But if he already had 4 sacks already it’s only the pre season already unfortunately players don’t make bank on pre season ok already?

Nash Scheber Reply

Rookie Daniel Jones Too Rookie Darius Slayton Better Be On Here

Edit: I Wasnt Let Down

Robby Taylor Reply

The first play of the 49ers vs Broncos was week 2 not 3

    Robby Taylor Reply

    @Michael Valverde then how was the Steelers game from just Sunday night one there but ours from the day before vs the cheifs isnt

    Robby Taylor Reply

    @Michael Valverde every other game on there was from this week except the Broncos game vs us

    Robby Taylor Reply

    But owell it dont matter just thought it was weird

    Dyonokake Reply

    I was thinking the same. Bc I was at the chiefs game against San Fran and that was def week 3 haha

    Сергеи Бороздин Reply

GoldenSnorlax Reply

When you’re not a Steelers fan and have no idea who Tuzar Skipper is.

    ObamaisnextLincoln Reply

    Had another great game today!

Bram Lutters Reply

Brian Burns gets a sack and a strip sack but whatever

Baby Poseidon Reply

Is this a video complication of nfl cornerbacks losing their jobs?

Echo Browun Reply

Many Rookies-including college athletes-in training camp can turn Pro once gameplay seasons in full swing especially for post-graduate strategic scholars.

Kameron Hill Reply

Daniel jones finna prove everyone wrong this year

    Kaybe Vang Reply

    Kameron Hill yeah if the giants are smart enough to give him an O-line I think he’ll be fine I’m just saying the lack of o-line helped killed Eli Manning last year also not Eli’s fault Daniel will learn under Eli

thorbensko Reply

As a raider fan its hard to see josh allen making those tackles

Yashar MJ Reply

“guess who”.. Umm its a rookie i have no clue lol


My Boy Donovan Wilson Gone Shine This Year 😬

Fernando Obregon Reply

Deebo samuel reminds me of of anquon boldin

Sparky's Joint Reply

Rookie John Ursua had a catch and run better than most of these plays, but he isn’t on here…oh that’s right… he isn’t arbitrarily considered elite, even though he led the NCAA in touchdown receptions.

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