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Best Podcast Available: Week 3 Preview

A Monday night victory leads us right into another primetime matchup on Sunday. Jason Gibbs, Nick Shook and Andrew Gribble get you ready for Sunday Night Football from FirstEnergy Stadium as the Browns get set to host the L.A. Rams! Click now to subscribe to “Best Podcast Available” at the following links or wherever you get your podcasts.




Jerry smith

Hey guys I wasnt all that happy with the win last game because let’s be real it was the Jets, but the Rams should be a better test for us,

William Jackson

I love my Browns but I see us getting destroyed. We will not be able to stop them on either side of the ball. I see us losing by at least twenty one points. I was hoping to win ten games but I guess I will be happy with nine. I see another pissed off crowed after this game is over. We can not complete with this team. They just played in the Super Bowl. We were playing last year to go eight and eight and we could not even do that.

    avaunte miller

    I disagree talentwise we can play with anyone, but I’m concerned about our coaching. The head coach coaches the assistant coaches and our head coach is also the offensive coordinator, so who is coaching the offense? Our offense is the weak Link of the team right now,

    Matt C

    avaunte miller
    Important to keep in mind just how much has changed from last year. Might need to give Freddie some time for all of this to come together.

    I think the Rams destroy us but I hope the organization doesn’t overreact to a young team struggling.

    Jerry smith

    I feel the Rams will win, by 3 are Browns are going to hang in there but just won’t be able to finish them off, am saying Rams 21 Browns17, hop am wronge.please let be wrong.


OMGOODNESS what’s with the 30 second commercial???




Why do they sound like they’re about to go to a funeral. They’re the scary and pessimistic


If you know anything about the Browns, you know they’ll win the game no one expects them to win

Robert Janko

We will not win this game, we are still searching for the team up and Baker has to focus. Still we will be hard to beat for the Rams. We are evolving, growing. My guess is a 17: 27 loss with a good playing Browns team. We still have a lack of cleverness in playing aginst the real big ones.

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