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Best Podcast Available: Turning the Page to Seattle

After a Monday night to forget, the Browns must rebound at home on Sunday against Seattle. Join Jason Gibbs, Andrew Gribble and Nick Shook as the guys prepare you for everything you need to know ahead of a huge game against the Seahawks at FirstEnergy Stadium. Click now to subscribe to “Best Podcast Available” at the following links or wherever you get your podcasts.




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Prince Rajguru Reply

baker has to release quicker

Griff __14988941 Reply

For the love of God Browns pick RW off THREE TIMES PLEASE!!!

Sick & tired of hearing he hasn’t thrown & interception yet.

Just means he’s due…

best impact Reply

payou are clearly not watching the games, Carrie is geting killed, especially on screenpasses, every passes that is catched is on his side!!!

No Name Reply

When is Avery coming back

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