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Best Podcast Available: Jets Win Recap

The Browns pick up the first win of 2019 over the Jets on Monday night! Jason Gibbs, Nick Shook and Andrew Gribble break down the Browns win at MetLife Stadium over New York and look ahead to Sunday's contest against the Los Angeles Rams. Click now to subscribe to “Best Podcast Available” at the following links or wherever you get your podcasts.




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Robert Janko Reply

Love coach Priefer and his special team gang! Gillan and Seibert are a hell of a rookie duo!!!!Still I think we will loose, but it will be a hard game for the Rams, where they have to put in everything to win the game. We will loose 17: 23 but we will go out with head up high!

    Scott O Reply

    I disagree, Vegas has chargers by 2.5. Our defense is really hitting on all cylinders. We just shut down Bell. They will be 1 dimensional. Corners and safeties will feast.

Scott O Reply

We beat the chargers. Book it. Myles squishes Goff and gurley.

Bryan Hallman Reply

Jamie Gillan, AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. 😀

Sting Reply

O line? Lmao they are the root cause of the problem.. sorry you guys have no idea see ya

Jack A Roe Reply

By November, this team will be a juggernaut.

Jack A Roe Reply

Kirko must live in the film room. I love his ability to diagnose and dismantle.

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