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Jessie and mike Reply

Go chargers

Marci Playz Reply

Y’all chargers players are so wholesome 😊 bolt up

Jessie and mike Reply

Dam who new football players a good at bascitball


NGL y’all gonna be dangerous.

JayGreenzThose Reply


5 Star General Reply

Keep Harris!!!! He was flying around when he came back…..

    Noble Acosta Reply

    @SD Fishin they probably coulda kept both seeing that davis was getting so much playing time

    Noble Acosta Reply

    @UCizbPdIF2p_JWe3luYe9Ngg Kenneth Murray had 100+ tackles. Lynn as well as Gus Bradley were terrible. That’s why we had all the defensive talent in the world with one of the worst defenses in the league. I agree that Lynn Bradley were terrible but harris and murray were good pickups

    Noble Acosta Reply

    @SD Fishin Lynn is a TERRIBLE COACH. I will 1000% agree with that. Harris and Murray weren’t even bad. Even with the worst defensive coordinator in the league and the second worst head coach in the league Murray had 100 tackles and Chris Harris had himself a decent year.

JayGreenzThose Reply


TheRealFl0sser Reply

It is my dream for when i grow up to be one of the charger greats and im saving for 200 dollars to buy chargers stuff for my room

    Aydenn Reply

    Nice I want to do the same to my room

    Aydenn Reply

    But I probably won’t

    Taison Kilgore Reply

    Hope to you ballin in the future

    TheRealFl0sser Reply

    @Taison Kilgore thank you


Chargers go to the playoffs next season!

Jessie and mike Reply

My dad is jay rodgers and he just got the job for the d fence of the chargers we will bring you to the Super Bowl soon

    Marci Playz Reply

    Epic bro

DizzleFN Reply

Idc what anyone says ima grind on to try to be on that field representing the Chargers no matter the hate or anything like that I been watching them every since I was 2

Bigman Dan Reply


jamie scholtes Reply

Bolt Up!

EDABOSS 21 Reply

Bolt up!🙌

Andre Ecija Reply

Yeah my players of the Chargers playing some good NBA 2k21 Bolt Up⚡

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