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Steveon Saing

DK Metcalf proving his haters wrong!


    @Livingthat Twelvelife Do you know what scouting is? Scouting his weaknesses is not hating.

    Links please, to any credible person that was ACTUALLY hating on him. You won’t find any hate. Only people scouting him and trying to determine where it made sense to take him.

    He’s a raw physical talent. He’s got work to do to be elite. You don’t take a project in the Top 10.

    I think he’ll be a great player, but he’s also no Calvin Johnson. Yet.

    Rico Alexander

    @ThatGuyThatDoesStuff where the hell you been. There were twitter memes about how he couldn’t run routes. Did you take the summer off? Lots of people were claiming this guy was a bust.

    Deon Nelson

    @LordDragul Smitty a lot of think he’s going to be a bust

    schfaun Harrington

    @Deon Nelson I dont get why people call eachother names like children over football. When last time I checked none one is getting paid by the NFL so why does it matter if someone sucks or is a bust or not. Why cant we just watch and enjoy the game for what it is instead of creating a fight over it? That’s why we can’t get no where as a society.

Justinn Zamora

Metcalf had a great debut. I hope Seattle makes him the next Doug Baldwin.

    Dazzy Rockz

    He will be better



    Meow Mix

    Doug Baldwin was a shifty slot receiver; DK doesn’t fit the slot receiver role. We need DK to play wide out and bully those CBs.




    Nah I hope he becomes the best Julio


I dont know what was worse. The weather, or Seattle’s offensive play calling.

    Dey knight

    The weather has been great, sunny all summer. This is the first time in like four months since its been pouring rain

    Chest Rockwell

    The pathetic legion of bandwagon is the worse


    @Chest Rockwell lol


    seattles play calling. weather here os perfect…

    Christopher H. Meuse

    @Chest Rockwell “is the worse”
    You are the dumb
    You have no smart
    You no know sports ball
    Go Hawks

A Hungry African

Yeah, we lost, but after seeing this I really doubt that we’re going 3-13 this year. #bengalsnation

    allen Brown

    @Patrick Rogers what happen to AJ

    Derrick Talbert


    Chris Holbrook

    I’m tired of hearing that the Bengals are gonna win the AFC North….and The Ravens played the dolphins….that’s why they won….ok…we played the horrible Dolphins but we didnt just beat them….we crushed there dreams….The Ravens are taking AFC North….mark my words

    Don Mallon

    At the beginning of the offseason I had the Bengals at 9-7. As the offseason progressed and into the preseason my prediction dropped down to 6-10. I think this game restored my hope a little bit. Still gotta find ways to win tough games. But as usual, the potential is there. Who Dey!

    Eric Cartman

    Hawks fan here. You guys will definitely win more. You guys got an awesome coach. Huge upgrade from Marvin

B Rus

The secondary needa work but shaq actually made some plays today and flowers got screwes on those PI calls, well at least 1 of them

    Kamaljot Sandhu

    Flowers had 10 tackles…they really picked on him but he did some nice things as well


    FS needs work.. Stay on top!?!?!! Hey Tedric heres a bench to practice staying on top.

    Kingdom player456

    Luke Schilperoort actually would be better. Blair would be starting SS while McDougald(?) would be starting FS. So it would def be better


    @Toxy T2 is the biggest weakness on the defense. He misses hella tackles, he tackles his teammates, and he somehow got beat on that deep ball.

    Whompet Gaming

    Tedric could be benched for Hill. Hill played well during last season.

Ewan Morkel

Bruh smh terrible call by the refs at the end

    Harry Engel

    Hawks fan, and I agree

    Pierre Albi

    Yeah wtf? Hawks fan and agree


    Bengals fan: I don’t think it mattered, but wow! I can see missing it on the field, but they upheld it on the replay.


    That call was beyond terrible. Abysmal, even. The refs need to get their eyes checked. I’m sure the bengals would be happy to foot the bill for the referees to get their eyes examined.

Watch Myjab

The afc north is going to be so tough as always


    Its week 1 calm down

    Chest Rockwell

    @T K so?

    SideTrack Beatz

    True AFC north is always a dog fight … me personally I believe it’s the hardest division in the NFL .. go bengals

    Salvatore Perez

    @SideTrack Beatz The AFC West is by far the Best Division in football

    SideTrack Beatz

    Salvatore Perez I’m sorry I just can’t agree with that …. yes I know they be having dog fights in the West … I have to give the north the slight edge by 2%

FutureMvp TTV

But damn John Ross had himself a hell of a game😭

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Noah Garner Bengals have a bad defense tho.

    Brian Sweet

    @Ahmad Turner you mean who has tge fastest acceleration right? Tyreek is still faster stride for stride. Ross just gets to his top speed a little faster

    Ahmad Turner

    The 40 times speaks for themselves, but you are racing against a clock, however on a side y side situation on any given day one can beat the other its all about the start, you would agree?

    Brian Sweet

    @Ahmad Turner I can agree to that yea. I never meant to assume hill was hands down the faster man I was just saying that theyre both the fastest in their own arts

sam hawkz

Can you imagine, clowney, Jefferson, kendricks, wagner, wright, Reed and Ziggy playing all at once? Seattle has best front 7 on defense


    @Daniel Alejandro Barrera Campos Tampa Bay has Todd Bowles now A respectable defense cordinator they have some talent.


    @Shortest SB Champion QB Could you say the same for the Hawks playing at home against the Bengals?


    @Shortest SB Champion QB Hey has the tools to be very good..As of now I’m still reserving my judgment since hes coming off an injury and missed a year. Trust me I know what franchise quarterbacks look like we’ve had plenty.

    Rodney Tristan Ocfemia

    sam hawkz Wright too

Commrade Potatossonn

How in the world do you confuse Giovanni Bernard with CJ Uzomah

    dick fitzwelliner

    Probably because they are wearing the same uniform and running?🤷‍♂️

    Cult Of Combat

    Commrade Potatossonn he doesn’t know football lol watching the game he was confused saying names

    Gavin F.

    Commrade Potatossonn I was thinking the same thing lol

    Kill Your Masters

    Haha ikr

Aries Anderson

Bobby Wagner hit stick monster on madden 20😞

    E.J. Rabbit

    Bobby kinda looking like Kam chancellor on Madden



    Steve Polverini

    They need to really tighten it up. Hopefully they saw how Swiss cheese the secondary was and study the crap out of that 418 yard clinic Dalton put to them.

    T K

    Your o-line needs to do a better job protecting Russell.


    Bench Thompson

    Steve Polverini

    @T K Same thing every year. Always wonder how good he could be with some protection with time for plays to unfold.

Lamar Newton

That O-line for Seattle is made of cardboard.


    @Dey knight well its alot more valuable than your assessment of me being a seahawks fan.

    Joel Cottrell

    It’s been bad for years… defense has been winning games for the hawks since their first superbowl appearance


    wet cardboard… my guy russ will not be able to keep his lvl of speech for long…

    Derrick Talbert

    electric football, with the cardboard pads

    Mike McKinley



It was ugly but we won met calf is looking like a good pick


This is how I’ve always wanted to see Ross play🔥

Matt K

Great game. What kind of call was that at the end? How is that fumble LOL

    Dave Ripp

    @Mike Gilardino think about what u said here. You basically admitted it was a pass. “he didn’t have control when he threw it”. But he DID throw it which means it was a pass. Even Gene Steratore, who was brought on to analyze the play, said it was a bad call.

    Mike Gilardino

    @Dave Ripp a fumbled throw is not a pass… it is a fumble. thanks for finally admitting it. *THATS EXACTLY THE WAY THE OFFICIALS SAW IT AND RULED IT* harharharharhar

    Dave Ripp

    @Mike Gilardino a fumbled throw? Lol. A throw is a throw. He definitely had control.Just because they reviewed doesn’t mean they’re right. Officials overturn less than 1% of their bad calls anyway. BTW Did u here what he NFL’s lead official said about the play at the end?

    Yung Gifted


    Yung Gifted

    Would never


Bengals without Mixon or AJ green almost won

    Harry Engel

    If AJ plays, Ross doesn’t rack up the yardage but the Bengals probably win.

    Ok Bud

    Almost don’t count

    Nyre LikeKyrie

    @Ok Bud beating a depleted team shouldnt make you that happy and you won by 1

    Bobby shmurda's hat

    Nyre LikeKyrie Almost don’t count

    Sal Shakeri

    Sike ! Ross did his part much more dynamic than AJ. Dalton knows how to throw to AJ regardless so the production from Ross would add not deduct wierdo

Noah Tripp

These refs through all the 1st games are complete garbage lol.

Mono cAm

I wonder if the ref is a pirate cause he mustve had an eye patch on when he looked at that last play.

    Banzai Basher

    Yeah I dunno if it would’ve changed the outcome, but that fumble call was dumb. Would’ve felt cleaner to let the last play or 2 go off


    Mono cAm probably just a Tampa fan

    Mono cAm

    @NFL MIAMI DOLPHINS bro that’s a good one. I thought I was clever

    Mono cAm

    @Banzai Basher I agree

    Mono cAm

    @Ethan R I’m actually a colts fan but yeah they prolly would’ve lost. Like us smh

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