Bengals vs. Redskins Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Trill Ville 103 Reply

AP going over 1000 yards again.

    Jonah Falcon Reply

    99 problems over 1 blessing he has no pressure to start we signed Keemun for a reason

    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    Wonder how guice is doing…

    shas wards Reply

    Looks refreshed.

    vadtana pich Reply

    Leading rusher this season calling it

V15247 Reply

Ryan Finley looks like a steal for the Bengals ๐Ÿ‘€

    Beck Burchett Reply

    Should be a solid bridge qb

    Milli Macro Reply

    Chris Hansen: what donโ€™t you take a seat, Andy Dalton

    WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513 Reply

    @Matheus C.B.Kazama ?? Wtf are you talking about we have joe mixon

    Matheus C.B.Kazama Reply

    @WoLf_Da_KiNg- 513 I forgot about it for a second.
    My bad.

    Ivan Lingvay Reply

    @Pumpin George kinda hard to show when I can’t attach screenshots but look up any Ryan Finley vs and you’ll find me

Sahir Ritchwood Reply

Finley look nice G-Men all day ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ”ต๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ต๐Ÿ”ด

    James Hardison Reply

    Lets go BIG BLUE

Jake Flemming Reply

I know that itโ€™s just preseason, but the officiating was terrible for both sides

    Joshua Brown Reply

    Still wanna know how 13 for the redskins got pass interference..

    Anunnaki J Reply

    Yep and on top of the b.s. Norman call the hit him with a 2nd penalty

    The Saucetronaut Reply

    @Joshua Brown like it’s actually not even funny. That might be the most clear cut bad call I’ve seen this preseason. That’s the call you show during referee “TRAINING CAMP” for what not to do!

    Spencejones2 Reply

    @Joshua Brown twice if there was p I it was surely on the bus both times or DNT call it at all

RowanSzuba8 Reply

Weโ€™re actually gonna have to start Finley now donโ€™t we

    Fishslap 33 Reply

    @@Havesum85 I wouldn’t be too excited by at least this game if I were you. The Skins first team D is pretty good, but the depth is questionable. I was hoping it would be better this year, but they have just been bad so far. And especially the line. We have four people who can plausibly play on the defensive line, and three of them were out of the game by the time Dalton left.

    Havesum85 Reply

    @G Man ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ our defense has looked awful, especially the tackling. Id prolly avg 4yds a carry smh

    Havesum85 Reply

    @Fishslap 33 yea us bengals fans look for any little thing to get hype about lol. We havent won a playoff game in decades ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    Fishslap 33 Reply

    @@Havesum85 You’re not alone…The Skins haven’t either, which is why we’re prone to the same kinds of desperate flights of optimism in summertime as I imagine you guys are. It’s basically the only time of the year it is possible to be happy as a Redskins fan, so we have to make the most of it, I suppose.

    White Doug Reply

    Steven Ledesma ready for the 7th ring boy

Post Tramatiq Reply

Lol these refs was the worst

    Post Tramatiq Reply

    @The OverLord I never seem so many offensive pass interferences called like that before.

    C. Daniel Thomas Reply

    Maybe its not their first language we gotta remember that. Correct the person but less harsh.

    Joe Ross Reply

    @The Dynasty Continues What are wrong wit they grammar? Me think they sentence are perfectly good. Perhaps it you who need too learnt English more gooderest

    I am not responsible for any aneurysms experienced while reading this.

    xKaiChi Reply

    Are these the same refs from the NFC championship?

Ryan de Klerk Reply

Wtf were those offensive PI calls?

    TheSk4dir Reply

    The last one I understood since the receiver dragged down the Bengals CB on the jersey/horse collar area if I saw that correctly. Besides that, the only thing worse than the kicking was the officiating indeed. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Logan Ross Reply

    but that’s the only way he can get the ball, and he didn’t even touch his horse collar at all, he touched the ball first then he like tapped his helmet and that was it

    TheSk4dir Reply

    @Logan Ross I’m not even sure you’re on the same play. I’m on the 8:02 passing play, where you can clearly see number 13’s right hand in the horse collar/ name plate area of the jersey, pulling him before the ball is even within 5 yards of both players.

    Logan Ross Reply

    Oh my bad bro, I thought the one that I was talking about was the end, I was watching this at like 5:10 so I was tired as crap, lol

    BlackBirdBlitz Reply

    @D 3 No !! You can not come back and run over or through the defender. The defender has just as much right to the ball as any receiver. #FACT

Sunday Ikhuenbor Reply

This was some bad officiating, my God!!!

    Danny Przedpelski Reply

    On god

    G Man Reply

    Sunday Ikhuenbor Amen, brotha!

    Redskinsman10 Reply

    @Logan Ross yea ya can. If a player can be fined for a dirty hit in the preseason, then refs can be fined for too many terrible calls.

    Dayvid Brooks Reply

    Agreed. The refs seem to think they are the stars of the NFL

    Kaine Folse Reply

    @Logan Ross i mean, i get it, the refs are learning too, but if these refs dont learn properly, they’ll end up like the refs in the NFC Championship game (which should be fired btw) and completely ruin the playoffs.

Blow' The Whistle Reply

Finley pocket presence Is far better as of right now than any rookie QB impressed me but he always had good presence even at NCST.

    Joshua Brown Reply

    #Facts put them on the map..

    Mandalorian Legion Reply

    scott little no it wasnโ€™t. He had the first team o line vs the second team defense. He had all day to throw with a vanilla schemed defense. Any qb could do what jones did. If Haskins had the same time to throw I guarantee you his results would be different as well. Donโ€™t pay attention to the preseason. Itโ€™s a waste.

    Anthony Bane Reply

    @Mandalorian Legion it wasnt second team defense lol more like 3rd string corners second string everything else that TD is an INT vs a starting defense.

Ryan Acosta Reply

Everybody missing kicks tonight huh, Jets/Falcons/Bengals/Redskins where the kickers at

    D J Reply

    I honestly think that the NFL moving the PAT’s back a few years ago has hurt regular FG’s. The short PAT used to be almost like in-game extra practice for the kickers to help them get a rhythm (giving them an actual target to aim at instead of just kicking into a net). Now they don’t have that. The most elite kickers are good enough to mostly overcome it but I think it has hurt the rest of them.

    Bobby Portis Reply

    Finesse God lol yeah we missed the playoffs cause of him that year he had a redemption year last year letโ€™s see if he can do it again

    Joey Jamison Reply

    That 57 yarder by Vizcaino was impressive.

    Eclipse Reply

    @Finesse God and that year he also missed 3, look up the stats before talking…

Christopher Reply

5th string kickers today or what

    Jonnys vlogs Reply

    Christopher lmao

    Joey Jamison Reply

    IDK, that 57 yarder by Vizcaino was impressive. It actually put the Bengals ahead for the win.

    Exi fear Reply

    Lol they should still make it

Love'OF theMostHigh Reply

Horrible officiating!! 2 Offensive pass interference on the WR going for the ball. Horrible! That ref should be warned now. And if not corrected, demoted to a line judge.

    Byron Stansberry Reply

    What the hell with those bogus OI calls???? The DB was never looking for the ball at all!! Wow. These refs are GARBAGE!!

ThatBoy Tyler Reply

The refs were some straight ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ

deansusandylan Reply

Pass interference on #13 was bogus…and I’m a Bengals fan

    LifeIsGood Reply

    @Okay lol in the replay, the ref throws the flag when the ball gets to the receiver..not earlier in the route

    Fishslap 33 Reply

    @@LifeIsGood I’m gonna have trouble forgiving the Saints for this, and not just because they very obviously cheated when they won their only Superbowl, and therefore should stfu more than any other team.

    One of the things I really used to enjoy about the playoffs was that the refs would let teams play. And everyone knew it, so people weren’t fishing for flags all the time. Just rub some dirt on it and keep playing. And now that’s gone. Not only will the regular season be even more ridiculously overofficiated than before, but so will the playoffs.

    The Amusing Spade Reply

    Iโ€™m saying how is it interference if he didnโ€™t even have his head around?

    James Buchanan Reply

    Iโ€™m a cowboy fan I hate the redskins and even I say that was a bogus call.

    James Buchanan Reply

    Okay lol No they didnโ€™t the flag was thrown after the ball landed incomplete what the hell are you watching. ๐Ÿคจ

Goldy Bobi Reply

These refs are absolute horrible all of them should be fired

Derek Johansen or something Reply

7:01 aight…who slipped that ref some acid before the game??

    Derek Johansen or something Reply

    @ChristopherThePanda ya that was bad.

    ChristopherThePanda Reply

    so true

    G Man Reply

    Derek Johansen or something Jerry Jones

    Derek Johansen or something Reply

    @G Man makes sense

    Slim Reply


Chris Corona Reply

The background audio sounds like someone blowing a straw

    pkbattosai Reply

    Yeah some kind of like big and loud machinery sounded terrible in my head phones jesus lol

    Charles Schneider Reply

    Glad Im not the only one to notice that

    kavani Kavani Reply


    Jimmy Reply

    @Charles Schneider Fake crowd Noise??

    L Allen Reply

    Was like this during the broadcast too. Like sound coming through cheap speakers

Derek Johansen or something Reply

These refs just love saying “offensive pass interference” don’t they??

    Redskinsfankiran Reply

    Well they don’t love saying it when it is actually pass interference

Nard & Kick Reply

Refs need to be fired now pronto they cheated on the pass interference calls skins fan๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ‰

    The Saucetronaut Reply

    Yea they gotta go NOW!

    Davon Williams Reply

    Skins would’ve lost anyways

    Creamated Reply

    You dont know that

    Nard & Kick Reply

    Creamated oh I knew that

Tenzin Passang Reply

Refs need to check their phone after this game. Lotta missed calls. Lol

    The Primary Focus Reply

    Lol nice

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