Bengals vs. Ravens Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Misty Thunder Reply


Fingering Things Reply

Man the Ravens wide receivers (outside of hollywood) can’t get separation to save their lives

thank goodness they have lamar

Fingering Things Reply

HOF watch out Lamar is coming for you

    too many men on the field Reply

    The secret to getting top comment is liking your own comments

Marcial© Reply

This gonna be a looooong season

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Ravens are in 1st place in the division. Meanwhile in Cleveland Easy Oven Baker Mayfield is proving once again why the Browns search for a franchise qb will be for eternity.

Fingering Things Reply

Bengals should of just put the pads on AJ Green and just made him stand on the field out of the way during the drives. The Ravens would of folded due to the psychological trauma.

Erik Turner Reply

Ravens never invest in receivers they need some speed besides brown sheesh.

Fingering Things Reply

Honestly feel for the Bengals a bit. They’re 0-6, but four of those losses have been by one possession.

Andrew Kyle Reply

Ravens almost blew a lead against the Bengals again

Red45Dead Reply

Lamar Jackson: “I don’t like running, I prefer to throw”

Mohawk Jagger101 Reply

Closer than I woulda wanted but I’ll take it
Hope Jimmy can come back next week cause Canady getting toasted left and right

TheLightCharizard Reply

I’m trying to see Redskins and Dolphins

ur mom not epic Reply

Lamar Jackson is going to get hurt soon

Ka Kjj Reply

When your qb has more rushing yards than your rb 😂😂💀

    Andrew Kyle Reply

    They ain’t even using my boy Mark Ingram I knew he should of stayed in New Orleans

Johnny Bernard Reply

Remember when everyone called Lamar a running back?

Pepperidge farm does

Fabio C Reply

Will Cincinnati play Miami this year?

Asking for a friend

Frosted Ice Pharoah Reply

Nothing has been pretty about it but hey we’re 4-2.

Matthew Miller Reply

I believe this is the first time the Ravens will have a winning record for the month of October since 2012. Remember what happened that year? ^^

Larrysgdz Thebest Reply

*Lamar first player to have over 150+rushing yards and 200 passing yards*

Sports 311 Reply

They gotta keep Lamar upright for the entire season, b/c he’s going to get hurt at some point

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