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MMGaming Reply

Mahomes gonna be spicy to watch this year goddamn I’m happy Football is back

    Stan ezen Reply

    Feels like an eternity. The Super Bowl feels like years ago

    tweeotch Reply

    Yes indeed! Christmas day every Sunday!

    quan Brooklyn kid Reply

    @SquidBag he’s not black

    Derek Smidl Reply

    @FN- 2187 lol

    HoodieSZN Reply

    quan Brooklyn kid yes he is lmao he’s mixed

WolfToonsYT Reply

Ryan finley looked kinda good 🙂

    Escocivo 30 Reply

    Better than Jeff Driskel

    Nickolas Nickell Reply

    Andy Dalton had a good drive

    WolfToonsYT Reply

    @Nickolas Nickell yeah

    Pepe Silva Reply


    Nickolas Nickell Reply

    @Pepe Silva ?


*ahhh, what’s the preseason without some muffed punts am I right?*

    James Russ Reply

    Well said

    The Sports Boy Reply

    did you watch the giants game lol

    JDX GAMING Reply

    @The Sports Boy I sure did, tsk tsk

    Chester Rockwell Reply

    They are clearing their lockers out as we speak lol

Chiefs kingdom Reply

Guys relax… It’s preseason.

*We will win the SB* .

    Milan Kolesík Reply

    @Kevin Millan Let him be. He’s just trolling while still trying to overcome his sadness from Gronk’s retirement.

    Shine4TheCam Reply

    Patriots will beat yall again

    Thedarknate08 Reply

    @DiabolousSpiritus damn right!

    Sir puss Reply

    Austin Groves

    Everything you typed doesn’t matter. The Patriots were the VICTOR. Period. Simple. Don’t forget those three 3RD DOWNS in OT!!! Brady the GOat✌🏻

IsaacH1273 Reply

The Chiefs have like 6 WRs who run 4.4, plus Kelce and Damian Williams.

Mahomes gonna throw for 6K yards this year..

    Bailey Duvall Reply

    James Hsiao Tom Brady has the best offensive mind in the game. Hands down, I am not one to sleep on Patrick, but Brady is the goat.

    Zack Butts Reply

    Nah you tripping

    Yee Yaw Reply

    Jump Street

    You’re slow if you think Big Ben had the most passing TD’s last season.

    Chandler Morillo Reply

    James Hsiao Mahomes is better than Big Ben at extending plays? Definitely not, that’s what Big Ben is kinda known for. He led the league in passing yards last year also. Ben will have a better career than Mahomes when it’s all said and done for the both of them. If Mahomes doesn’t win a Super Bowl THIS YEAR like Ben did in his 2nd year. 🤷‍♂️I mean. Bens a future HOFer no doubt, Mahomes isn’t even being talked about in that conversation.

    jeremiah salva Reply

    @Jump Street24 big ben just now had his first season with over 5k yards, took him about 15 yrs. mahomes? he did it in his second season

Keaden Wheeler Reply

Hardman and Thompson look rlly good and that defense can stop the run took them 3 years

    Gary Potter Reply

    @Arthas Menethil lol look at the chiefs defensive starters snap count… he’s not lying. Hell Clark didn’t even suit up.

    Robert Bird Reply

    @Chandler Brown Fields needs to replace Ward

    Sam Reply

    Loving the 4-3 defense. So glad Bob Sutton is gone

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @Robert Bird bro stfu about ward its only one preseason game pus Ward had good coverage but it was a very a good catch

    Noah Garner Reply

    Keaden Wheeler dude if Joe mixon was in he would’ve rushed for 150 on that defense

Captain Dingleberry Reply

I think Andy pulled Mahomes after that scramble…he was slotted to play the whole 1st quarter. Lol. Only thing I noticed was that Chiefs are tackling this year, we had so many Big play YAC last season, hopefully we keep getting better.

    polsdofer Reply

    “Only thing I noticed was that Chief are tackling this year”.

    *Played one pre season game* *LOL*

    Lancer Guy Reply

    That’s how Reid usually does it. His starter will play one quarter in the first preseason game, unless they score on their opening drive, in which case he usually pulls them immediately after.

    WeShowYou39071319 Reply

    Eric Martin this too

    Son[LEER] Donkey Reply

    Thats because you played my Bengals who cant Tackle properly

Simon West Reply

Why does everyone have to hate on the bengals and besides it’s just preseason. Hopefully they well be good this season they just need better tackerlers

    SweetTee YNFS Reply

    Horror Gaming r u a bengals fan, because top four running back in the nfl seems a bit generous, joe mixon isn’t that good yet. I’m a bengals fan

    Horror Gaming Reply

    @SweetTee YNFS yes I am a Bengals fan lol but based on total yards last season Joe mixon was 4th in the NFL which is true

    Horror Gaming Reply

    @SweetTee YNFS 1,161 rushing yards 4th in the NFL so it’s not far too insane to say he isn’t a top four running back

    SweetTee YNFS Reply

    Horror Gaming what’s your list

arrowheadpride Reply

Even our 2nd strings can score 30 PPG😂

    Tony Araeipour Reply

    You guys worry about Kareem hunt oh wait he beat his wife and worry about tyreek hill beating his kid and got lucky with one because they didn’t have enough evidence

    Tony Araeipour Reply

    Just how we beat u guys last time so stfu we didn’t have Melvin Gordon and we still one and Keenan Allen was out for the rest of the second half u guys r trash anything else u want to sound stupid about it’s pre season calm down

    Tony Araeipour Reply

    Who one last time when we didn’t have Keenan Allen or Melvin Gordon lol ez w

    Big Pimpin’ TV Reply

    Breesus H. Christ you mad Brees choked in the nfc championship lmaooo

Nickkoolkat Reply

We got clapped by the chiefs 2nd string 😂😂😂

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @darmor85 im a chiefs fan lol and I feel u he ruined Vince Young dude would have been a beast

    Nickolas Nickell Reply

    @Gary Potter oh well in that case the Patriots and Titans are going to be amazing, and oh god the bears and saints lost last place of the division

    Nickkoolkat Reply

    Gary Potter I didn’t say it was acceptable. We held your first string to 7 but your backups pulled away

    Gary Potter Reply

    @Nickkoolkat lol… you held portions of the 1’s on a limited playbook… calm yourself

Zachary McClain Reply

Good to see Mecole Hardman getting a touchdown

    Carlton Fleming Reply

    Zachary McClain Go Dawgs

Tatsuto Goodrich Reply

I get it, it’s preseason for the bengals. yes the starters aren’t in. but do you really wanna drop that many passes, miss that many tackles and say it just preseason I’m just say practice how you wanna play

    Dmetal#1 Reply

    Just say no to preseason!

    finisher3x Reply

    @Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN – You play like you practice.

    evan strain Reply

    Agreed. I saw some missed tackles that were so far from contact, it almost seemed intentional. You cant blame that on 2 missing starters…but on the other hand, the chiefs are looking pretty dam good again this year.

    Noah Garner Reply

    Tatsuto Goodrich most of the guys playing rn won’t be on the roster/get actual snaps. Pratt was the only one I see getting a lot of snaps playing a decent amount on defense. And the first team offense scored a TD on the opening drive! That was without AJ, Joe Mixon, John Ross, and Eifert. Like I said this is the first game so not many important players got many snaps, but from what I saw from the first team offense has me a little encouraged on what we can do on that side of the ball once everyone is healthy.

To Pi Reply

I see the Bengals are already in mid-season form.

    joe nobody Reply


    C Ramirez Reply

    @Ash Ketchum Gary oak hydro pumpin yo mama

    Israel Bound Reply


    Tanner Matlock Reply


    SuperKeith 007 Reply

    @C Ramirez 😂😂😂😂

jared Reply

That Hardman guy, my word he accelerated incredibly fast! Wow!

    James Russ Reply

    Facts he is rapid

    khals1 Reply

    4.33 40 time if anyone wondering

    liljayfizzle Reply

    Chiefs bout be explosive at receiver.

    Imnotababoon ESC Reply

    Oh so you own a word? Lemme guess you probably own slaves as well.

    Markailll B Reply

    He’s a Georgia Bulldog

x2yll l Reply

Thompson and Hardman seem like steals right now. It’s weird how teams will pass up on that speed, and Thompson breaks tackles just like Kareem, going back to college days. Thompson got a chip on his shoulder, keep an eye on him in the future

    Ian Delpire Reply

    I think players like Tavon Austin and John Ross have made teams very weary about picking a player just for their speed.

    Shane Lockwood Reply

    Pringle looks good too!

    Keeshawn Perkins Reply

    Ian Delpire John Ross is not a bust yet he had a coach who benched him because he fumbled on his first play and that killed his confidence. He is going too have a real good season this year. But tavon is just a bust

    Gabe S Reply

    Darwin Thompson is gonna eat linebackers alive all year on that pass over the middle that he scored on. Can’t wait!

Kris Wit it Reply

Hey this was a good game. The WR Hardman, he’s utilized correctly. He’s so fast, the QB under threw him.

Bruce Caid Reply

It’s only pre-season, but the Chiefs look like they’re loaded this year.

    wil401prov Reply

    Mostly on offence but thier defence still needs work

    _ Barnesee Reply

    @wil401prov hard to say rn rhe starters played 2 plays

Milton Cisneros Reply

yes, like what I see, Go Chiefs, from L.a baby!!!!

Eli Bosley Reply

The announcer needs to learn:
1) Carlos Hyde isn’t a DB
2) It’s Josh Caldwell, not John or Jock

    Kole Reply

    It was confusing because there were two 34s playing, so the announcer thought it was Hyde at first. I was also like “wait, what?”

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply

    It’s preseason for everyone

    Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack Reply

    34 on defense was a defensive back. Herb Miller.

    rippetoe 38 Reply

    Damien Williams’s number is also on defense.

    Ryan Doyle Reply

    Yea… the announcer needs some practice. That definitely wasn’t Hyde who intercepted that. That guy was too fast to be Hyde.

PerfectCell2018 Reply

We got some good players this year. Looking forward to the Mahomes vs Brady Rematch.

    Brandon Reply

    I guess third times the charm? ?

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