Bengals vs. Browns Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Yohei Mito Reply

“baker nursing a hand injury sustained last week”
“playing against the worst run defense team”
“with 2 elite running backs”

*Freddie : let’s go for a pass play*

    Water Reply

    Jayson Raphael Murdock

    They should honestly be like 8-4 or something if they had a good coach. The talent is high level

    My Dude Reply

    @STEELCITY TV or will throw it into a receivers hands who will bounce it off to a defensive back. If it weren’t for tipped balls and wrong routes ran, Mayfield would only have like 5 INT’s

    AWelsh Celt Reply


    He’d have had back to back 1000 yard seasons with four more last year. Ended up with 996. 10 TDs 5.2 YPC. He’s a beast. Runs hard. Baker gets all the run, but Chubb is the heart of that team. That lockerroom knows it, too.

    Malcolm & Mudkip Reply

    As a browns fan o agree

Paul Beduhn Reply

Terrible call on the fumble. He was down.

    PikaPlays Reply

    Paul Beduhn I know right! The fumble call was stupid. Also, the pass interference call on the interception. My bungles would finally win!

    Louie Cosmi Reply

    @The Sport Heat Oh yeah because before instant replay the officiating was 100% correct all the time.

    PrimeJonah Reply

    PikaPlays Bengals had pleeeenty of chances to score. Can’t blame the loss on 1 no PI call

    Malcolm & Mudkip Reply

    @PikaPlays I think the browns would’ve scored had not the fumble been called so I think the browns still would’ve won

    Ryan Berdysz Reply

    The Sport Heat bengals wouldn’t of won, especially with that terrible int call when njoku was clearly down.

Brandon Reply

Bengals are basically the best NFL team. How?

Bengals beat the Jets.
Jets beat the Dolphins.
Dolphins beat the Colts.
Colts beat the Chiefs.
Chiefs beat the Ravens.
Ravens beat the Seahawks.
Seahawks beat the 49ers.
49ers beat the Saints.

    Decimus Aurelius Reply

    That’s hilarious

    Techno-mage Reply

    That’s a solid sports analysis đź‘Ś

    Techno-mage Reply

    @Hokies/Cavs At Best Yup. Giants vs Bengals in the Superbowl this year!

    Rufus Sweeney Reply

    That transitive logic is flawless.

    Cade Clark Reply

    Brandon dude as a saints fan we are so overrated. Our defense is absolute trash and our offense is so inconsistent. We really need to get it together

A Person I guess??? Reply

Football games sound so weird with almost no crowd noise

    branden8045 theultramangofighter Reply

    The audio team lowers the crowd’s noise. Have you noticed when a play happens the crowd gets loud. Yeah the audio team allows that

    mr head Reply

    A Person I guess??? would you care if you were a Bengals fan?

    Mom Reply

    A Person I guess??? I watched this game, you could barely hear the announcers it was so loud

    A Person I guess??? Reply

    mr head who would be a bengals fan rn??

    ChromeDove Reply


clevelandcbi Reply

When Baker’s your leading rusher in the 2nd quarter, it’s time to go Freddie.

    Stephen Yount Reply

    How would you like to have Zach Taylor as your head coach?

    David Holt Reply

    Each of those running backs should be 650+ rushers

    Virginia Cavs Reply

    @Imy red he os not the best rb in the nfl Elliot is the best rb in the

    Imy red Reply

    He most certainly is this year and deserved more for what he did last year. I can’t see him getting as many receptions as the other backs as i believe we will use Karim Hunt for those.

    rexman971 Reply

    @Naru ‘Sanav he’s trash now but has potential. Just not ready for the head coach position

Lilgrandechile Reply

They even used their 5th string commentators for this game

    Reese Holt Reply

    Yoooo i was heated listening to these 2

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild Reply

    Ooooh big girl has a degree in communications wooooow that’s amazing!! You paid to go to school for 4 years of your life just to get a degree that’ll land you a job as a secretary at a dentists office. Have fun paying off that debt for the most useless degree you could possibly obtain from college.

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild Reply


    Eric from Tambo Reply

    @Crystal Roland oh dont worry , I have complained and next week she will be commentating jnr high games. lol.

Holly Tree Reply

Reasons why this highlight was so pathetic:
1. Both teams were trash
2. Officiating was garbage
3. That commentator was horrible

    0531jos Reply

    @Goo Steelerss 1. 4 sacks 4 turnovers.

    2. If injuries are an excuse you’ve beaten the Browns like 3 times in 10 years.

    Nathan Corless Reply

    That Uberistic Nigerian steelers played the same teams and already have 8 wins

    farpointgamingdirect Reply

    @That Uberistic Nigerian You’ve beaten depleted teams. Big deal.

    farpointgamingdirect Reply

    Never thought I’d hear an announcer worse than joe buck

    Tropic Mix Reply

    @kevin perry stop white knighting

Bob Tree Reply

I ain’t trynna be sexist but this female commentator Ain’t doing it for me

    Mark Meyer Reply

    Bob Tree what if it was Heather Swanson?

    Kevin Skipper Reply

    @Rock damn!

    D Yates Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. Had to mute the game both live time and here on YouTube. Sorry.

    bolt man Reply

    agreed 100%–women’s tennis for sure. lol

TheCapri48 2ndChannel Reply

I like the browns but this game felt like I was watching an episode of “Inside Edition”

IlGreven Reply

Denzel Ward has been sighted after going missing for most of the season.

Nic Reply

I didn’t know Elisabeth Holmes was a broadcaster.


Wow was I mad after that early “interception” call.

Ignis Ursulus Reply

Can someone CGI Jimmy Neutron into the booth? We already have his voice

Rahul Vikram Reply

I would like to apologize to anyone that had this game on their local tv broadcast

B Miles Reply

The female announcer sounds like a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland.

    Allen Pinkay Reply

    @parkour master What part of that joke is sexist? If anything it’s a knock at her friendly southern twang. Like jokes have never been made about how John Madden commented games. Sheesh.

    BrunDog63 Reply

    It’s so wrong: she says things like “jumbo package” and “split formation” and my mind goes elsewhere.

    parkour master Reply

    Allen Pinkay I apologize but I just find the comment highly offensive

    Allen Pinkay Reply

    @parkour master Lol you don’t have to apologize for anything, it’s just mindblowing to me how easily anything can come across as sexist or offensive, just because it was a joke directed at a woman. The only way that joke could be sexist is if Jungle Cruise skipper was specifically demeaning to women or if the joke was attacking the commentator’s womanhood. It is neither of those things. That’s as light-hearted a poke as I can think of. Anyone who watches football makes fun of commentators and the things they say or how they say it all the time, and I don’t have to tell you that they are nearly all male. You wouldn’t be offended by that joke if she wasn’t a woman and that’s where you come off as more sexist than the joke maker. Women don’t need to be defended at every point, they can take a joke. I’m sure even the commentator herself could have a chuckle at that one.

    Graham Brobst Reply

    shut up

MrNutrBuTr Reply

listening to this commentator is like listening to megan kelly. annoying

Ryan Phung Reply

Is that a guy or girl commentating. I can’t tell

Ian Wambugu Reply

The commentatory is so weird that it makes an Nfl highlights video Cringy.

Joseph Nagel Reply

I’m sorry her voice is awful I can’t listen to the damn game

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Swear lol just like how she ruined the Lions jets game from last year lol

ITZ Alex ! Reply

The announcer sounds like a high school kid announcing his own team’s game

    Dtown Dtown Reply

    Had to watch the video on mute…her voice is annoying AF

    Marcos Benavides Reply

    It’s the Browns and Bengals playing you know they were going to put their worst team to cover that game lol

    Genrefied Reply

    LOL! this got me

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