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Loyal Philly fan

Bills looking good so far this season

    Mandalorian Legion

    CWxtv at least they aren’t as bad as the Vikings

    Adam Wolsey

    @CWxtv you can only win against the schedule you have. Figuring out how to win is a big deal for a young team. Even winning games you should is a solid building block. I bet cincy would like to say they won this game even if it just is the ‘bills’.

    King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

    Easy schedule my guy

Josue Tejada

Who would’ve thought that Bills would be 3-0 and tied with New England for 1st in the AFC East

    MRE Obax

    The bills could make the playoffs and we still won’t get credit for winning games

    Dino Jabroni

    Escocivo 30 The Bills are 8-0 in their last 8 competitive games. 4-0 preseason which doesn’t mean much, but they had a crazy comeback in there. Now two comeback wins in 3 weeks to keep it rolling. Obviously a resilient team. They have a hungry young core of guys there that are all in, and they have a top 5 defense to lean on. I’d say they are the best D in the league if they have a more capable offense. They made the playoffs in 2017 with this defense and in 2018 they were ranked 1st in pass defense and 2nd overall with 4 different starting quarterbacks. If they had a better offense the games would be blow outs. Bills beat the Jets with 4 turnovers because of the defense and yesterday with 2 costly turnovers. Defense won the game for them with a pick in the last seconds yesterday. This team overall this season is one of the best in the NFL. With the defense and Josh using his feet or throwing 1-2 td’s a game it seems to be enough, but maybe not against New England. Against buffalo last year though game 1, 0 Td’s for Tom and game 2, 1 TD and 2 int for Tom.

    Colm Watcke

    noisy boyyy it took you 12 minutes to score against the bengals. And you only beat the jets by 1 point we beat them by over 20

    Colm Watcke

    Mike James wonder what’s going to happen next week? We beat the Jets without Edelman in the last halve

    Colm Watcke

    Brandon Ohara woah 2 years back?😱you are funny👎schlatt

Stephen a Smith

Bills look great this year good luck to y’all from a Vikings fan🙏🏿

    Jo sportsfan79

    Thank you. Fact is we are still a year or 2 from being a big time threat but shot after all the suffering it feels great. Good luck to you vikes bro


    @Jo sportsfan79 My guess? 1 season away – or one good draft. I’d like to see the Bills have a chance at Derrick Brown, DT (Auburn), Tee Higgins, WR (Clemson), or Isaiah Simmons, LB (Clemson). Those are three of my favorite college players who should be available next spring.

    jacob bell

    you all suck. the officials were calling a bunch of bs, plus one of your guys punched shawn williams in the face and didn’t even get a flag. bs game

Chris Weyer

Who else is really excited for the Bills vs Patriots next week?

    Assassin of Chaos

    @Asteroid 2020 Make sure when it happens they’re dirty underwear. Because the Bills are not losing by 30 points. Lmao. And they are a good team. A good team finds ways to win, they don’t need blow outs.

    Assassin of Chaos

    @Timothy McJury Why aren’t you excited to play Tom Brady? Tom Brady was something like what? 1TD and 2-3 INTS last year against the Bills? Along with a less than impressive completion percentage. Don’t underestimate the Bills D. They were actually the best against the pass last year.

    Assassin of Chaos

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Really? Last year it didn’t snow much where I live.

    Erwin Martinez

    Buffalo just might pull it off

Fingering Things

I think they called that correctly.


ARTICLE 1. DEAD BALL DECLARED. An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended:

(d) when a runner declares himself down by: (1) falling to the ground, or kneeling, and clearly making no immediate effort to advance.

He got up and ran to the endzone in celebration; I feel like that qualifies as not making an effort to advance and declaring himself down. He wasn’t running backwards to avoid defenders.

    Rita Dunbar

    You have to be in the grasp of the opponent held or otherwise restrained. How many times have you seen a player run backwards trying to avoid defenders?? The play continues you can run around in circles if you want to. But these where the same NFL referees who called a ruffing the passer when he got hit on his ankles. They where just making up rules.
    Section 2 Dead Ball
    Article 1: Dead Ball Declared. An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended:
    (a) when a runner is contacted by a defensive player and touches the ground with any part of his body
    other than his hands or feet. The ball is dead the instant the runner touches the ground. A runner
    touching the ground with his hands or feet while in the grasp of an opponent may continue to
    advance; or
    (b) when a runner is held or otherwise restrained so that his forward progress ends; or
    (c) when a quarterback immediately drops to his knee (or simulates dropping to his knee) behind the line
    of scrimmage; or
    (d) when a runner declares himself down by sliding feet first on the ground. The ball is dead the instant
    the runner touches the ground with anything other than his hands or his feet; or

    Assassin of Chaos

    Rita Dunbar That was roughing the passer. You’re not supposed to hit a QB below the waist anyway. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Mike Mike

    @Rita Dunbar u have old rules

    quiggly johnston

    @Rita Dunbar How many times have we seen a player run backwards trying to avoid defenders? Whenever Mccoy runs the ball.

    Karo French

    @Rita Dunbar He went at his knees which is a no no.

Fingering Things

Turns out the guy who bet thousands for the Bills to win the SB is from the future

    Crow of Judgement

    “They called me a mad man”

    Sports Seb

    Fingering Things lol

    Bandwagon for Pelicans.

    Who are you talking about

    Bills Mafia

    Bandwagon for Pelicans. A guy bet 4000 the bills would win the superbowl.. if bills win it, he makes 400,000

    bryan Gonzalez

    Fingering Things you’re everywhere


GG Bills. I believe in Zac Taylor and I believe in this team. We might be 0-3 but we will not forfeit, gonna stand up and win the next one. #WhoDEY

    Troy Scott

    kaioken frustrating, bengals have a lot of offensive talent and dalton just isn’t a play maker. Sits in the pocket too long way to long and hardly ever steps up or tries to scramble and make anything happen with his legs. Could learn something from Josh Allen.


    @Troy Scott Agreed. He rarely extends plays and definitely doesn’t release the ball fast or accurately enough. Sometimes he shows flashes of an NFL starter but most Sundays he plays like a backup


    @The Mamushka Thanks mate, it´s nice to see so many friendly comments here instead of the toxic salt that goes around usually. Think Bills and Bengals fans have a lot of respect for each other, not only because of what happened 2 years ago but also because we´ve seen each other walking through some tough times and knowing that both of us can get to the top eventually. GL for the season.

    Steven Bern

    Respect man
    You guys are a TOUGH outing. It’s a Long Season , can definitely see Cincy making a run. Very talented.

Charles Moore

I’m West Coast all the way, but I would so love Buffalo to take a Superbowl.

    Mike H

    You and me both, I was 18-22 for our losses in the 90s. Always holding on lol

    Fah Q

    We appreciate it here on the East coast, could use more decent people like you on these comment threads. Good luck to whatever team you’re rooting for.

    Blade BlazerLazer

    Possible in 2-3 years if Allen continues to improve and stays healthy

Nerd 0208

Let’s hear all the salty comments on saying we only won because of… or saying we’re just lucky. GG to the Bengals, my heart was racing till the end.


    The officiating was absolutely horrible.

    Orlando Rodriguez

    Patriots are my team. Bills are screwed

    Andrew Chavez

    Cowboys and Bills Superbowl 😂

    Nahulu Lo

    Bengals won’t win it makes me wanna cry lol


Take a ways through 3 games: Bills defense looks dominant, Frank Gore still got it, Josh Allen is CLUTCH, Dawson Knox is a bulldozer.

    Michael Marshall

    One big Bull Dozer.

    Brick by Brick

    @JT Nelson your the opposite of clutch.


    JT Nelson a lot of QBs would throw that pick and not be able to bounce back but he got back into the game down 3 and drove down the field with not a lot of time left and scored… that’s clutch and it sounds like you haven’t seen the first 2 games so you have no clue about Allen foh

    Petty Ceddy

    And Andy Dalton is trash don’t forget that

    NYK 69

    Brandon Ohara he bulldozed another player on an end around so bad he laid on the bills sideline for like 5 minutes



    Blade BlazerLazer

    @Jonathan Williams – COME BACK, BOOMER! ESPN sucks without you

    Jonathan Williams

    @Blade BlazerLazer He’s on ESPN+.

    kenny rojas

    @Chad Wilson and his kid to, don’t forget about that…

    Matthew Shortle

    Dear football gods,

    Please let the Bills beat the Patriots at home next Sunday.

    Non-Patriots fans

    Petty Ceddy

    Feels good to be in the 3-0 club don’t it? Cheers from a 49ers fan 🍻


As a bengals fan, I don’t know how to feel lmao. But fr Ima be rooting for this bills team next week hopefully the bills catch an upset. For a second my bengals had this one. But….well you know the rest. Gg bills have a good season. ONTO PITTSBURGH WHO DEY!!!

    Aaron Mattison

    It was so civil at the game. Bengals are our collective second favorite team after that Dalton to Boyd TD in week 17 2 years ago.

    Steven Bern

    Great game.
    You guys had 17 unanswered against that defense , at New Era , that’s not easy.
    Allen just has that clutch gene , the kid is special imo.
    Shocked y’all are 0-3. Very talented team . Can still see Cincy getting 10 wins and into the playoffs. They’re a tough outing.

    Steven Bern

    @Luke Hanley wow.. that’s brutal.. you guys can sweep Pitt/Cle , it’s a long season , Cincy can make a run I feel

Gabriel Nigro

Knox could be a legit te once he improves his pass catching. He’s a beast out there

    jacob bell

    Artstrology i didn’t know that offensive players got called for face mask. they seem to do it all the time


    @jacob bell You probably don’t know that after 3 wins, Allen is ranked at near the bottom of the league in overall ratings either. # 26 I believe, Start Barkley or lose.

    jacob bell

    Artstrology no i figured he would. i always argued against people placing him above andy in power rankings

    Steven Bern

    Knox and Sweeney could be very good TE.
    What a draft for the O especially. Knox/Sweeney/Ford/Motor Singletary
    4 guys that’ll contribute for years

    jacob bell

    Steven Bern singletary us the beat but knox sucks

West Pippen

People are trying the discredit the bills wins as if anybody thought highly of us before the season started we could have been 1-2 or 0-3 a win is a win give credit when it’s due because nobody thought highly of us nobody !! Billsmafia lets go baby


    @Beckk Bills Mafia has been a thing longer than you’ve been alive. Stop being edgy kid.

    Anthony Hutchins

    I’ll give you that… A win is a win especially in the NFL.

    West Pippen

    Beckk I’m pretty sure you looked dumb when you made that cringe face are you new to game ? 🤔 billsmafia

    West Pippen

    jacob bell win is a win go cry somewhere else with your nonsense i said what i said

    El3PH4NTE M4N

    I did and i’m not a bills fan, hope yall can beat the pats.

Charlie Coccia

Not a pretty game by any means. We got to clean up on the penalties and turnovers.

De Paz

Frank Gore still has it man, what a beast!

    cocky rocky

    That kid Knox too, both built like tanks.

Ivan Castillo

The bills have a great fan base , the stadium was packed

    Brian Spellburgio

    Year after year in 2001 our Worst season of her we went 3 + 13 Inn at Stadium sold out every home game the fans cheered like it was a playoff game no matter what the week was this is why it was so hard for us to hear that our team might be leaving town we sell out every single game our city bleeds blue and red we are like a giant family here in the city and We Are Family reunions is every Sunday the 1990s during our Superbowl run that stadium was the most intimidating place to play Rich Stadium it was at the time so many great quarterbacks would come into the stadium and look like scared terrified rookies yes Dan Marino I’m looking at you Jeff George Drew Bledsoe for the early part Joe Montana Ken O’Brien and especially Boomer Esiason they probably still wake up with night terrors thinking about being in Buffalo in late December

    Yuri Yuri

    What else to do in Buffalo on weekends?

    Buffalobills 1990

    It was 80° and sunny and we were 2-0 I. Tailgated and went to bar down street

    Steven Bern

    All day…. It’s Bills 4 Life … 0-3 or 3-0 , we’re showing up!!

Bruce Terhune

Dawson Knox and Frank Gore should get game balls for their steady contributions to the offense.

    Fábio B

    As well as White!

Bruce Terhune

Knox looked like Gronk mowing down def. backs after catching the ball.

Mark Stewart

I don’t believe there is a team in the NFL with more heart than Buffalo this season.

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